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That they did that like this. Don't tell what happened. Yeah. So we I have juice. I give them a suplex against the fence. The fence moves hits the table the table slides back, and it's Jay and knocks him out of his chair. And then a real yes, that's real deal about people thinking everything's fake. Like, this was that fell containing any real wasn't trying to j I I just hit the fence table him domino effect, and he fell out of his chair. I know he I think he hit his ribs. It took took a bad full which was never meant to happen at anyway. But so I remember doing that. And I hear the reaction to ruin the move and in about two sickened or like a second later just it was weird. It was like a sick and Ted. So it and everyone was like, oh that was what was that for I kind of turn around. And look I see like, I don't think Josh. It's I don't know if Georgia quite stood up yet. But I see like security in the fans looking down at something. And I kind of really kind of see them like oh shit J. Oh, they must've knocked JR out of his seat. I was like, well, I'm gonna make the most of this since I stand up and glowed in Yellen in Josh just stands up and since start talking shit to him. And he starts coming around the fence. I'm like I'll show you stat at his stay on his reach. So he comes around the fence side get in the ring. And then I figured he was forty is going to stop this. I keep talking shit to him. And he gets his oh shit. I gotta get down and get out get out of the ring gets into the rains into the ring. A new knows who knows China stop him and stuff, and I'm I ended up moving around the ring. He's like in the ring token, and I'm the whole time just thrown Chip Beck at him and an end up gun around the ring, and he caught the comes out again and nuno's. No, no, no. And I'm sorry. I can't get him out here. And then and then as he starts walking off is actually good thing that he didn't he's going to hear it now. But getting that he didn't say actually spat at him because he was going along with everything that I was doing obviously didn't didn't get him enough thing. But I don't think he saw which is probably a probably a good thing. In hindsight. I saw that. I was like I said man, you got poised because I would have flipped out. I know he's an the guys stuff but for him to get in the ring like that. I thought that was the most unprofessional bullshit move ever, do and you don't have to say it. But on on an accident. It's wrestling shit happens. These sound like you wanted to Jaren punched him in the face. You know? And when he came in the ring like, what do you what do you expect to happen? You want to get into in a shoot here. To totally kill the match. Do you stand up? You talked to shoot you talk shit back and you back off because you're a commentator or not in the ring anyways, that was just my opinion. So I thought you handle that really appreciate that. It was like in hindsight it also ended. It was just a huge moment in matches well, which which made lots of heat for you. Of course, you know, again. It was nothing intentionally but it ended up working out like that. And what happened after once they you know, they came back with pissed off. I so I had no idea until even then I fought that was fine. And then the matches done I get back stage and someone comes up to me. I have no idea this this guy from Xs comes up on ninety here. He was at the time. It comes up with a tour in the what the hell was that? What happened? I'm like. And I'm like what you said also about. And like she just finished just go backstage. But what are you what are you talking about? And he said all the stuff John Pistole. I'm like, wait what? I know I like like what do I didn't try? We didn't try those accident is eat legacy. Okay. Like, so then I was I was worried that. Oh, it should it..

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