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Right here? Hang on decision I accept. I accept the finality of this outcome, which will be ratified next Monday in the Electoral College and tonight for the sake of our unity is Pull on the strength of our democracy. I offer my concession. Yeah, but he's giving light love and save her. Dan. What is it that you think that you don't have confidence in her can have confidence in spite explain that well, it's not the candidate who determine who's in the White House, right? It's the voters, right? So when Mr Gore and Mr Lieberman punk out and don't even explain why, when I invested my vote my time collecting money for these scumbag powers. That throws a monkey wrench in my confidence. It's all about the perceived integrity of the system. And when the media over the Trump campaign is very biased against Donald Trump, I don't think you're gonna get Trump supporters. They're going to accept that you've given him a good break point, And I know that this is a sore spot for you. But do you think that they're just throwing this out there? That may be an argument can be made that core even though He had a righteous case for the best interest of the country. What he felt was the best interest of the nation. That he was gonna step back and and say that we have to get past this. As a country We have to come together as a country. And that that's something that is a good thing on. I know that you got some still lingering issues with regard to that. Do you think that there's something to be said for that? We lost. We might have lost down. Okay? I wanna go to John from Santa Monica. And if you if you got some opinions, folks, we'd love to hear him. You can reach us at 1 802 2252221 802 22 KBC talk to us, John Hello. I'm a first time caller for state the air time Appreciate. I transitioned to California from Florida. I'll staunch Republican. Came out here followed my wife. She's the m I T alumni. So congratulations. Yeah, I could never get with somebody That's smart. But anyway, keep going, John, please. So you were asking about how to meet the You're meeting the middle so that we're not divorcing each other things like that. So your wife isn't that correct? Oh, my gosh. Yeah, well, yes, because she her parents are retired educators and all that, So just they fall in that line. So you're a Republican and your wife is Democrat and all those knives they're still in the kitchen. And you have not had to call 911 and tell us how. I'm sorry, John. I love you may keep going. Brother s O. It is very frustrating, but Um It requires us honestly the Republican to gotta gear down a little bit. On understand that Sometimes a lot of issues that we we have memorized. We know them front and center. Sometimes they've never even considered them Does the fact that you I mean, obviously you've got a high level of accused among the both of you in the house. But The what happens when you have a very strong disagreement, and you still have to go to bed together. I mean, are you able to resolve it, FBI? You're separating your wife. I'm sure you're not calling your wife an idiot, because anyone from him cannot be called an idiot. But he won't be bought. A lot of times it comes down to the point where we'll have the discussion. And Might hit a point where you like, I'm like. You know what you got me on that I need to go do a little bit more homework on it down, and that's what we need to come back with a little bit like you know what? I went down that road and I figured out So there's, uh, photo ID's. They were tried here, here here, so it's a lot of war. Sometimes we have to gear down. What's the secret sauce there then, John, like, what is it that you think other people aren't doing? Obviously you guys are married. So you guys have to get along. You gotta go to bed together, But I mean, what do you think everyone else needs to do to get to this place where they can have these rational discussions about? What might be something that you really significantly disagree on. Well in this specific situation, they have to realize their marriage is going to outlast. Anyone's term boom. Okay, way could say that our country was gonna outlast any president. We could use that same logic and say that our nation will outlast anyone. President I down the streets still gonna be selling bread 10 years from now, you're gonna have to get along with him. If you want to get bread, All right. John loved that very important to realize. All right. If I was a jerk, and we were fighting in four years, I don't wanna look back on this and say that, you know, I broke this up because I have you been married for 40 years. No, no, We've been married, but this is my example. Oh, I thought you told me you've been married for 40 years. I was about to say you should probably will. It's a beautiful thing, John. I can't Thank you enough for calling. We're gonna move on to Selene from Tustin. Thank you. So much for calling a nation divided some folks if you'd like to join the discussion. We really want to have some tacos today. You can reach us at 1 802 2 to 5 to two to talkto silly. We don't wanna do the talking ourselves. Go sign Hello, guys. Thank you So much for your show, Really Quality show and thank you. It's always brightens my day when I listen to it, especially in these times of polarization. Hopefully to detail on the wisdom of the last caller. I think that the key element is not being rude to each other. It's just like when I was speaking with people. I'm talking with someone who is very politically, you know, different different from my positions. You know, as long as where sometimes I'll say to the person right at the outset. I care about what you think I care about. You love them because Even if they don't agree with something that states right up front that I care about them and then hopefully they care about me, too. But when when people start to say Obnoxious things like like calling Trump or work for our crops of democratic something of really You know, we all know the names. We all know what the names are on both sides. We know what they are. But one of the interesting things is Selena. I've noticed that you've got a soothing tone of voice and I'm calm Now, if I started talking to you like this and yelling and movement and moving, it started, really, You know, that's one of the things that happens in these discussions. Is that just the very the tone of voice. I mean, just the idea and we start thinking about it, and I deal with a lot of guys who are been spending a lot of time in prison and One of the things that really gets them. Um, is that They have this sense That my opinion means nothing on when you start talking about a person's soul. Who are you? What are you? I mean you're the body. But ah, person's opinion is something that is pretty sacred. What do you think? Swing? What do you think it is? That drives people to think that the other person's opinion just doesn't matter mean..

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