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The topic of the josh newman recall that were going to get closer to finding out whether or not we can have that recalled those this shearer or allowed to be next year uh my understanding is that the response papers cirque do i'm not sure that there is a a decision due on monday i have not heard that i've only to check with our with our attorneys but my understanding of the calendar looks for a decision more toward um uh mid october but that being what it is i think we get a uh that was to allow time for a special election uh so uh the the timeline the the timeframe is is uh is drinking and we know that the newman defenders are out there trying to get people to release them uh they're there signatures vote i hear there to have it a real good look good in that and so uh uh but we have to be cautious about this so um i think the odds are we will have a special election to recall josh newman and even if not he will face you will face the voters and you'd i hope but sooner rather than later but but because we just saw this legislative session that just wrapped up a few weeks to slow at last week the last two months of the legislative session we see what is super majority party can do to to california taxpayers we need to nip the at the bud as soon as possible clyde thanks for talking to me again eubacked president of the howard jarvis taxpayers association get a news update right now debra mark in la pd officer has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter indeed lie after us family of three was killed in a crash on the 605 my heart goes out to the victims and the families lapd teeth back says he's aim green disappointed he says officer edgar oh worked at the police station downtown this is a very young police officer nama silent job on remarkable career chp says he the speedy in his chevy last night when he rear end to do cars near washington boulevard a teenage boy and his parents were in one car and they were killed the drive at the second car was hurts produce go broke his nose three gang members have been arrested for a brazen breakin at a.

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