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Good Day Animal Lovers Vinnie Penn your party animal coming an actor on animal radio. Got An interesting question I'd like to ask you folks out there and of course, feel free hit me up at vineyard animal radio. Dot. com and it is Vinnie. I E at the end much as my father hated that he always thought I should go V. I n. y.. But another story perhaps for another time. My question is this. Why is it whenever I parked my car in a convenience store parking lot and I'm getting out and cutting between two other cars on my way to walk into the store the. Rabid aggressive hostile beast that someone has left in their vehicle. Usually, a pickup truck is Ninja quiet until I'm in between the two cars and then lunges through the halfway rolled down window of the truck just at the time that I'm passing through the cars. Can anyone answer that it's like these dogs are left in the front seat of the vehicle and almost to you don't make a sound don't let anybody know you're in there and told their creeping in between our car and the car next to us, and then scare the Bejesus out of them because you know the guys who own these dogs say things like Bejesus the other day I was on my way into the convenience searchers wanted to grab a soda which I didn't even wind up doing because the mountain dew would have finished me off the heart attack I had in the parking lot would have been the final blow I'm walking in between a car and a truck this this this. German shepherd pit bull rottweiler hybrid. Yes. I believe they exist and I'm going to call it A. Germ reiller. German Weiler I'm going to call it a German wiler comes lunging through the halfway rolled down window just at them. I mean not three minutes into three seconds before not three feet before just as I'm between and there's just enough window down so that when he's barking wildly his saliva splatters me on the side of my face. And I have to scream Controlled ice. Kinda like a girl in the parking lot of the convenience store. The owner of course, this is hilarious. But if I was with my five year old that would have been it that the dogs would have been off limits for the rest of her life. So please somebody out there to tell me ARP our dog owners training dogs to sit like Ninjas, on the front seat of their vehicle with the windows rolled halfway down train to wait just until that person cuts in between their vehicle and the one next to it get just for laughs. Is it I got it. It's a hidden camera shop. It's dog scare the crap out of you in parking lots and hey, vinny pens on the debut episode Vinnie Party Animal Animal Radio. Yeah puppy pads are convenient but sometimes the really gross that's why the Animal Radio Studio Stunt Dog Lady Bug uses the brilliant pads self cleaning puppy pad. We love how it handles number one and number two it seals away the waste and replaces dirty pads for us. Brilliant bad keeps her home clean and smelling fresh. All we do is replace the role once every few weeks and the process is fast and clean. In fact, lady bug gives it five pause up learn more about it at brilliant pad dot com apply. How are you doing? Find reason I was calling because I'm sort of desperate for help with a kitchen that we got. All he's. Six months old already eleven pounds. About from the time we got him from a rescue he. Often and hard and. You can talk. So we did check back with the rescue early and they suggested we get 'em neutered early. So we did that. But now I'm sort of wondering if there's anything else we should be looking for trying other than the things we have tried we don't play rough. Use Toys when we play, we don't use her hands. So we. To point where we're at a loss and we've had cats forever. So we're not quite sure what with this guy? So. What what's the typical situation when he bites you is when you're just walking around the house and he kind of just pretty much ambushes and attacks, wrinkles does ambushed but a lot of the Times it's fun. We're just sitting still watching TV, and he's you know he's a kitten huge and he's got a lot of energy but. you know we're happy to play with him, but the whole, just sneak up and grab your arm or okay. Well in in with cats especially young cats you know you recognize he's got a lot of energy and it's a little harder to get these guys that that outlet for their energy So that is definitely one of the big things that I focus on trying to find ways to interact with the Katie So the interactive toys and you're. So. Right. We don't WanNa, play ever with our cats with our hands or even toys within the hands. We want extension toys, things that you can kinda swing and he's a handle one mostly what you? Yes, those are wonderful so that that's definitely one route that I would recommend go now do you know any of his original history as far as how the shelter Ghanem how we came to be there I do and I should have known better They said that they found him along side of a barn when he was approximately two days old and hunts litter mates had already died. So he was brought into the shelter ladies home she bottle fed him. Okay. All right. So he had a really rough start but then by the time. We met him. He looked he looked healthy had been placed in a little with a lit- with alliterative kin so that he had other kids around him but he was bottle fed and he was a stray. Okay. So well, at least he did grow up around kittens because when you're giving me that history, I was like Oh my goodness for cat owners out there the number. One thing when cats do this I always go to history because if a can't is raised without its mom the lose the ability to really learn bite inhibition. So normally cats kittens. Learn through play with their mom and their other kittens in the in the household and when too hard and play his kind of exceeding that that threshold they get a correction and with kittens that don't grow up with that interaction in that Kitty Socialization, they can actually have a real problem with aggressive play inviting. So I mean that definitely makes sense. So he is a product of his upbringing. In an environment and that helps to explain things. So he really hasn't learned better and then plus he's got all this energy. So that's going to be our real goal. Now when I have a kitchen that's doing this the most important thing I helped cat owners is we really don't punish these kitties because it can actually escalate things and you can give a verbal correction saying no out your. Stop or something like that but you don't WanNa do anything to discipline a cat. So I don't chase them down I. Don't squirt them with water that actually makes their anxiety greater and actually can make a bigger component of fear with these type of things. So can escalate things.

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