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Dave quick hausky is here with me as always table. What is the number of the highest paid free agent at the end of the winner at the end of the winner. Josh Donaldson was the highest paid guy going into free agency. He made twenty three million last year. He's not going to be twenty three million this year. No, he's not he might make twenty though you might make twenty might get lucky. We're going to give you a breakdown of everybody from the end of two thousand eighteen what their salary was the big time for agents, and we're going to try and give you our best guess of where they're going to end up. And there's some guys on the list are retired or contemplating retirement or are just trash and should retire. So we'll we'll sprinkle them in there too. We'll give you ideal spots of where we think these people are going to go round the contract numbers as well. You wanna start out with the big dogs? Yeah. Let's let's start out with to start out with the guy. We just mentioned Josh Donaldson. I think he ended up on a contender. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended right back up on Cleveland to be honest Cleveland. I'm for some reason, I'm kind of set on Saint Louis. You are. I Don I think there's lot of people are saying Louis right now, I think there's another third baseman shortstop backing to end up in Saint Louis. I think maybe even Houston could use your Josh Donaldson at that. They're gonna lose a Marlin Gonzales. They're gonna lose an extra utility type of guy someone to DA ch-, someone's always hurt and Houston, and and I could see him ended up there in a lost episode that we have infamously now. Frank tank mention Josh Donaldson is the perfect met is the perfect met. He's a to overpay Johnson could be serviceable somewhere. I don't think. So really? But if he gets healthy he could be serviceable for cheap number. But this is a typical Mets give them fifteen million dollars. You know, two year thirty million Calica. Jay, Bruce Essop has type deal where they completely blow up over a formerly good player. How many years how much money I'm going one for twenty go one between ten and fifteen. I think he just signed a one year not approve it deal by any means because he's still does have things left in the tank. It's more like an earned it deal. Basically, it is he earned it over the years. He'll hit home runs. I think I think he will. I don't know if he won't hit for average. But he might pop some home runs here and there and and be a good deal. I think he stays in the American League though. So cleveland. Yeah. We'll go. We'll go Cleveland. We'll go dark horse. We'll go. We'll go the Astros. I'm gonna go Saint Louis. Like, I said before the next guy on that list, though, definitely not retired. Now, it's it's only twenty six years old coming off a twenty one point seven to five million dollar arbitration deal. I believe it was the highest arbitration deal in history. It was right. I was going to stay. I'm sure Chris Brown is going to break it this year. But Bryce Harper hundred RBI's for the first time his career thirty four home runs didn't bat the best with average Batu forty nine turn that on late. Where's he going? How much is it? And is it going to break records? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's going to be three hundred. Plus, I think we know that that's yeah. It's not even a question. It's no remorse for Senate already. He he needs to get close to stand or better. It's it's more likely that he winds up closer to four than he does three because Stanton's was. What? Ten knows like fourteen right or ten or fourteen..

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