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I think two one win and a two win season in between their last Super Bowl appearance and finally a little bit of return to relevance in the mid 90s with parcels when crash hooked over and then when Drew Bledsoe was drafted, which was great. Tom Brady and the Patriots changed everything. They changed everything and you know it by now. And I can not describe the feeling people had who had suffered for that window of time when the Patriots won that Super Bowl in 2001. You poor people. Suffered. Well, how long what's your longest drought without a title? Is it now? Probably now. Yeah. And I think I'm sorry that you had to suffer, John, before Tom Brady came around. But I think for us, it made us stronger. You know what? Appreciate it. Yes. For speaking for the under 30 crowd, which I can only say for another year or two, so I might as well keep on pumping that under 30 crowd this is what got me into this. Tom Brady is what made me a football fan. And I probably would have been a football fan anyways 'cause I love it and it is what it is. But the 2001 patriots hook line and sinker is what got me to be a football fan. And as it progressed, I wouldn't have been a football reporter if it wasn't for Tom Brady 'cause I wouldn't have been so into football in the first place if it wasn't for this run by the Patriots and I will never forget the 2001 season. I will never forget learning about football and understanding football. And I think at the time, you know, these last two years have been really a wake-up call for all of us, people that are under the age of 30, because at the time it felt like that was just, they were going to have Tom Brady forever and this was going to be great, right? And the fun would never stop and it just, for me, personally, for so many of patriots fans, I've been talking to Alex about this too. Tom Brady made us football fans. He made us are the people that we are in terms of our careers and doing this for a living. And I gotta you can't say enough things about Tom Brady and just what he's meant to all of us..

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