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They hired that dude, whose is like his best friend broadening castleberry. Right? They just brought, you know where they gonna hire Jeremy castleberry without Kawhi. Leonard odds are low, probably not. Yeah. And so you do stuff like that. So you create something that you know is going to make him feel comfortable, and then you just you watch and you don't press and you don't push, you know, make him feel like I'm under examination. You guys try. You try to manipulate me. So I said over time, you kind of figure out what he likes, Isaac, Bruce same way, took him three years to speak to anybody and for meal had him pegged wrong. He thought he was the wrong type of guy to have on our football team. No, no, this is the right type of guy. He is the wrong type of guy because he didn't speak. Okay. He never said a word wouldn't talk to anybody would even talk to the head. Coach wouldn't even show up to the head coach's house when he invited you over for dinner. He used to have the groups over receivers, alignment, Isaac didn't show up. That's just not who he is. Well, he's not a team guy. No, he is a team guy. He just doesn't speak to you. Yeah, he doesn't trust you yet when he feels comfortable enough to speak, he will and sure enough. He did. He wound up being one of our best players. You just have to give those guys space. Yeah. And you figure you're probably communicating with uncle dentists. You're probably trying to figure out what he wants or what he's telling you Koiwa wants. It's it's a really unique situation and a tough one, but certainly worth the risk. Like we were saying that if this hits there, he could be the most popular non hockey player in that dry. And if it doesn't, you just tear it down anyway. I the the dentist thing is what's really fascinating about the whole thing because when you start doing with guys like that, then it adds that Dwight factor to it. And I'm not saying that coli is Dwight because I don't think almost definite almost definitional Koike. Champi as insecure as Dwight Howard because no-one is insecure. And so how can that guy be insecure? I don't know what he is. And so when Dwight was in Orlando, it was one of these things where, oh, he was. I gotta go, I gotta go, Brooklyn. I got to be in a bigger market and he had these people whispering to him and tell him you can't be Dwight Howard international superstar in Orlando. You gotta go somewhere bigger better. Well, and Dwight really want that or was he just convinced that that's what he wanted an Dwight's case is the best thing that ever happened to him to stay in Orlando. You don't know what you were all you will in? Exactly. So you've said you've asked this question Travis. Is this what Kawai wants? Is this what the people around? I'm sure there are people around Kawhi who want him to be an LA because they want to be an ele-. Yeah, and they there's a benefit for them for being in l. a. that doesn't happen if he's in Toronto or San Antonio, but is that what kuwa-? It's all it's. L. a mystery. I mean, we thought we had him kind of figured out. We thought that he was the right guy in the right city with the right coach, the right organization, everything seemed, but then you find out that he's put off by the fact that Jordan brand doesn't offer him the sort of money that other players are getting a guy like Russell Westbrook. You find out that he's put off by the Spurs culture on a certain level, whether it's through injuries or his teammates, kind of putting them on blast or whatever it was that didn't really go a certain way. And I just don't think anybody knows. Dr Lee filled in the blanks forum. We, we assumed that he was a San Antonio guy because he didn't talk. And that's what San Antonio guys do..

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