Donald Trump, Senator, Lauren discussed on The Mark Levin Show


White house counsel donald f mcgann the second carried out the president's orders and lobbied mr sessions to remain in charge of the inquiry according to to people would knowledge of the episode so here we have leaking from the white house again i can certainly guess who one of them is what i won't say so the look how it's written like intrigue the white house counsel mcgann carried out the president's orders mr british did they call him white house counsel is the white house counsel the lawyer for the president so the president allegedly asks him the tell sessions not to recuse and there is some problem with this the president asks his white house lawyer to tell us attorney drought don't recuse herself you handle this investigation all we might have a runaway not like moller which of course is true sir problem with this michelle mcgann was unsuccessful the president of the erupted in anger in front of numerous white house official member that picture mr producer where they had a picture through the oval office window with the president was very angry with mcgann remember that you do you will you you whitney you is your wake all right good just wanna make sure and remember who one or the other people wasn't a window who was it bannon was one of them right just pointing that out mcgann was unsuccessful in the president erupted in anger in front of numerous white house officials sang a needed as attorney general to protect him mr trump said he had expected this top law enforcement official to safeguard them the way believe robert kennedy as attorney general done for his brother john kennedy and eric holder had done for barack obama will that's certainly true that's certainly true and by the way what is trump accusing let's go back to the time that this supposedly happened trump didn't do anything there wasn't a special council appointed to investigate donald trump but trump like you and me and you and you and everybody else you know what special counsel do there is no legal issue here folks there's no ethical issue here there's no obstruction issue here none mr trump than asked where's my roy cone he was referring to his former personal lauren fix who'd been senator joseph mccarthy's top aide during investigations into communist activity in the fifties and who died in 1980 say again let's just stop.

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