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One after another I think i saw somewhere that she possibly clervoy possibly accidentally who knows Walked the actual path. That fail walked when he was killing his family. Yeah i heard that too. But i didn't know if that i left that out because i wasn't sure if that was a conjuring. Oh no that was something. I actually read in. An article was written around the time. So i had heard that. So maybe the conjuring movie was inspired by that. I don't know. But but i do remember reading that. And if that's true. Like i said it might not be if that's true. That is crazy that she just kind of walked that insane. You know so right. Yeah definitely so. The warren's laughed at round one. Am in both vowed to never return to the house again however they would return to the house to complete their investigation. The captured a photograph of a spirit peeking through a second story window which seemed to be a little boy. Please tell me you guys have both seen this picture. I have whole boy. it's terrifying It it is. It is probably the most fully formed like spirit photograph. I've ever seen in my life. i have not seen. Oh it'll be the show art and you'll see it before this episode comes out. Let me tell you yeah. It's definitely worth checking out. Because i was intrigued by this. And i gotta be honest with you. It's horrifying absolutely horrifying so ryan. I'm working on it and then this is going to happen. Live on air. I am going to send this to you. And let's we're going to do it. Live and here. It is and this also. Has a comparison with john fail which was one of the kids so so yeah. Let me re cracked myself here. He's looking through a second story door. Yes not window. I apologize correct. It's my mistake there who could okay. Do you see it there. Alex no the is man. The is yeah so so just a just to. I mean you're probably going to be looking down at your phone right now. Seeing what we're talking about but this this little boy is peaking out of a door over a handrail. And he's got literal. White is yeah and like not like the red eye flashing thing that you're kind that you may thinking of and also in the particular photo that's not it's not a real boy. There was no one else in the house. So i mean like i said i mean it's it's whatever man like terrifying if this is real it's it's absolutely terrified so now i agree in the particular picture that i am going to also include in the In the artwork for this this chapter this also has a comparison to little john. Defeo which is one of the children that were killed by ronald defeo and you can see that there is a pretty striking likeness between the two pictures and you can hear the same style hair. Yeah exactly so. There's definitely a shared. Look here and you know. Take that for what you will but You know it's pretty. It's pretty compelling evidence in my opinion. Listen i would rather see three hundred adult ghosts then a single child ghost because of just especially after looking at that photo man. It's just it makes the hair on the back of your neck. Stand up because you don't know why he's making that face or why is he scared or concerned like you're like yeah it's like. He's just like peeking out to see who's at his house but he's dead so that doesn't make sense so they eventually leaked the investigation and found out that the land was also found to be used by john ketcham..

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