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So facially about to say if you have they should hear what does she was getting? It lagged like. She knows all the time. I don't date that's not right. H Sean WanNa see tolerating the art down a little. Don't you shave your arms. High shore everything. Yeah that's right Sean. Shame everything Alma grown SPN that producers. I don't have no hair on me. There is no use for the female lead Herbie of the ladies because when you take offic take it comes back thicker. That's what they say or shavings Tina's CJ. I'm taking the neat and all that stuff near I'm constantly working on myself. Yeah I can do that then you can do that here. You right now. Got An announcement. Yeah through the future girlfriend out there wherever you are. Yeah floating around to you. Run into the hobby. My Guy you're out there's Ooh you better be shaving not a heroin on. It's great you can do that with all of this in the mustache deal. Oh break come on another that. Just be a little more out. Yeah like we all have a little bit. You know men have estrogen. Women have a little testosterone. Some hair will come out in some places. What does she hair? And you're like you just like you and after you're done you're after you're using your ear shaver. She's he's like. Oh honey you could you. Could you get that for me right there on a little. And she has her ears back. She wants to use my shape with that money. I need league that and if you gotTa Shave off the top you go back and do not Donovan. Do Perform going to ask you face raffles. See I WANNA draw. Took me superstar rouses only thing I would see all right right The damore but she said you were a trainee. Sean One woman with a Muslim woman with a moustache Chinese I will. I would not have a woman with much that there's only this is a one plus tax household short. It a a whole damn depends on how much here's on off because that he got up to national. Because if I sit here I don't know I gotTa say no here on my arms I don't I don't have that much good. It came on the job. I yeah let's see who worked with them. We're not doing this JIB. We went on a date. This is years ago in fifteen longtime ago. We're on a date was fine as hell and I'm looking at my with the jeans on. What if we went out one time? Sydney Jesse skurdal right right down a little bit below. Yeah see I saw was just not here on our way through. She must have been following after my mom hold date. I was like this this Acuras. I didn't say Louis yet. Man Male lakes the Vicks. bigly right here. Looks like Africa down staring. Oh my gosh why. I wish they do that. Me Out and say anything. New Moment of the day was over you. Never you never know this right administration. Maybe she just didn't have enough time to get ready like she was sitting down and like I went to the bathroom. I came back to the table and I see nothing but he wanted to eat. I was like Oh my here you. Ah That's what you here here. Ladies in a chat as I could mess. 'cause he on a hundred the channel will now handle the arms. Domestic Apple may not have here on the my arm. I don't have here under my hero female if you got here in the same house. That's when you know you Zeevi here. Nowhere on my body if I could do that and you walk around the mustache. We're heal your arms and legs and one here here coming down. Your his is worse which he looks like a guy thing a high marble chapman. I like the mustache. You know what I'm saying. I'm not doing with me. Yoga Ish doing liked shaving. That's part of the conversation. That's that's the get the no the things you meet May as we await that you meet me part of that. Gets you shave the hair. I I'm GONNA see Shasha visit to small the baby bottles and what we can shave together. Suge you can shave. How can we can? We can shave every other night. Can I WANNA see because they just go get waxed. Go Get your way. Oh care everything you do it. I want to try and kill when you do it. I don't WanNa see knobs as we get it get his and you know what my wherever wherever you are wherever you are wherever you located. I I will see yourself if you want me to do it. Bombing at Nan Bud. For three minutes. Oh Dan I want to see our clean to focus on the they make her do. I WANNA see are cleaning up on Romantic Lady Chapel market here in you proud of it. God bless his work guy to do when you get a Spanish teacher may because I'm very deserved. His career talion are here. The Jewish with you comfortable. This way heritage need in K.. Protects US radiology. Not too bad out if he got a bus exactly. I'm not assuming best and I see a much. Yeah I'm I'm going to adjust addressing a medium conversate. I'm wiggle memorial. See the mustache and do something about this now. Stock with the little whoo nothing. But I don't want to because I go in is really that bad. The client come once a week and when they get there they faced wax Biz. These days they got this. I go when I get my Henry. This is what I'm talking about. That's what I'm talking about getting them once a week. You really that much dad and come home. We're fine we've got more and more women all the stuff we gotta go to the job. That's right we'll be right back seen just a quick..

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