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Get eight hours of sleep. It is typical together less sleep as we get older. So some people run off a six hours sleep and do just fine, but controlling our other things like stress and anxiety. Those types of things also helps control chronic diseases like diabetes or thyroid issues will help us feel a little more energized. So how would I know that I have a thyroid problem? Let's use that as an example because the thyroid is regulatory gland grand. You know, tell me about the thyroid. So usually if you go to your primary care doctor once a year for annual exam. The thyroid is something that we can check if you do have fatigue as an issue. It's one of those things we want to rule out as underlying cause of fatigue, and that's just through a blood test. And that's. The blood panel that once a year yearly physicals you're gonna take blood, and you're gonna look at it for these maybe acceptable thyroid problems cracked unusually for thyroid is sluggish. That's when we feel tired and treatable by medication. Okay. So let's talk about diabetes and fatigue. So diabetes has numerous causes for fatigue. If our blood sugars are too high, we're constantly rundown. If they're too low, then we're also tired from that. So keeping our what's in the right range is how we can control fatigue when you're diabetic. And if I'm diabetic. I mean, if I have a problem, I mean, not only fatigue whether there I mean, I might understand you you're going to be thirsty you're gonna frequent urination things that could be going on. And in today's world, we also have the type one and now we have type two diabetes. So I mean is there obesity associated with type two and fatigue? Have. Absolutely. And obviously losing weight will help us be less fatigued, and that controls are blood brings them from being really high to being more in the normal range. Mckay. Let's talk about we talked about thyroid we talked about diabetes, and let's talk about let's go back to sleep because it's something that. We all need to work on. But there was this thing out there we hear about it sleep apnea. So tell us about sleep apnea big topic more people have than you'd think. Yeah. So sleep apnea happens when we most people don't know, they have it. A spouse will say, hey, you snore, all the time. And you wake up our twits constantly and most people don't notice that themselves.

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