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That's so sweet where you heartbroken. No arctic off. I had a ford steamatic text to these photos. Jobs please just bound the five maps. My stepfather mailed me maps. Think about how we have. Gps today i just found the five maps in a big number one circle number two circle. I add to follow this map to drive from bagasse to mobile without getting killed. That is the sweetest thing in your stepfather. Put that together for us like a care package. Yes and i couldn't believe i just found them. I was showing my boyfriend. Like these are the maps calls. That's the matter that dick sent me. How nice that is actually so kind. This is before gps. I remember the big thomas guides. So you're no sense of direction. So how i even got hers grace but you made. It is the pd that said no go to mobile. Is he still in the business. No he is not okay outlasted him a good for you good for you. That's that's sweet payback. So you in. The festiva arrive in mobile. What was that like. I mean that's a big big change. You've gone now from green bay to vegas which couldn't be any different and now to mobile which is completely different again. Oh the humidity cianci. I was all it was crazy. And i couldn't understand anything but everybody. Everybody had that thick southern accent. And then. I was like a yankee right because i still had my thick like wisconsin all. Hey there guys. Thanks for math and my first day was april. I you know the more that i start telling me stories. How did i even make it through. Life were having this worst. Dj on the planet kind of contest. And guys you should hear my first break on sunny. It's so bad and they go down. I go no. I'm telling you it's bad. We'll fast over chachi. I one because my name was lorrie on the radio in las vegas and they changed it to randy in mobile we could use it and they didn't recognize it was me in every listener was like that so bad. Hemery me and i won. I won like the worst. Dj on the planet you one mobiles worst dj and. I don't think i've told this story for probably twenty five years but i won san diego's worst. Dj almost the exact same time in nineteen. This must been like nineteen ninety-seven nine hundred ninety eight something like that. But i won san diego's worst. Dj the north county times anointed me san diego's worth dj. So i had no idea that we shared these very prestigious titles together. Do you still have any of your brakes. Because i would love your that. I do a few years ago. I actually had them all digitized their all on cassette. So i do somewhere on my hard drive. I have all the brakes and the horrific. I was never particularly good on air. But you were. I mean you've had a storied career on air. Walk me through how you transition from mobile to tampa great story chachi blend that everybody should listen to specifically more women. I think that us women sometimes battle this lack of confidence. And i don't even know where that comes from but we do and here's how it almost didn't happen one of the best parts of my career. It was nineteen ninety-five greg. Glaspie was our consultant at rockwood four. He called he said. Jacor is gonna launch a very in your face morning and we all have decided. You're the perfect person to match with this pretty loud mouth. Shot jocks guy. They weren't saying any names or anything. And i wouldn't have known anyway except really was still too young in the business. I said oh. Greg i would never be good enough. I could never make the leap from mobile alabama to tampa. I couldn't and he said you know what i don't have time for this and he hung up. You're trying to talk him out of hiring you. I was like i'm not good enough and i was like wait a minute and so we get back on the phone and you call them back. I don't i don't have time for this. You are an exceptional talent. But if you don't believe i can't help you and i just stopped me in my tracks. It's one of those watershed moments and i said okay. I'll put something together. I taped together. The next thing you know. They hired me instantly and did not play me bubbas tapes until they hired hitting no. I was being aired with the confidence. I find very interesting because you said at the beginning when we were talking about your childhood that your parents really had to push you out of the nest to go to las vegas as a kid did you. Not a lot of confidence. I don't know like you know. I think i was a cheerleader. Right confidence i get in front of everybody and do stupid cheers knowing you and obviously i've just really gotten to know you over the last six months or so but i find to be incredibly confident and we really command a room. You are very bright and so it's fascinating to me that younger. Laurie didn't have that. How did you learn those skills. Well age and faith. There are still moments where my palms get sweaty free kobe when we would actually get to see each other in speak. There's there's moments that. I just did so nervous before i speak and then once i hear my voice and i start. You know finding a rhythm that i'm fine but it was pretty paralyzed in my twenties. Now as i'm older really is just age. A hundred percent. Believing in what i say. I have seen where i have stumbled at times. Speaking and it's because maybe i wasn't really prepared or maybe i didn't really believe in what i was saying. So it's probably age believed in what you know. And then your faith in god i find your guess would be your attitude by find it very charming and there's something about you have a charisma. That's very endearing and Someone you've just really kind of a immersed herself into our culture so well and i want to open up to you and entrust you and so. I don't know if that was something that was god-given or a craft that you've honed in over the years or maybe a combination thereof. But i do find it very impressive because it isn't easy to come into a new organization and immediately have people i guess. Trust you or to gel with them immediately and so maybe it's just part of that kind of mid west Charm that you have green bay thing and yeah one area. I do believe i. You know what you're just talking about. Some things are just inherent and there. Is this plug grand card down. And he's trying to teach people how to be obsessed with themselves but not not in an egotistical way. It really is how little we think about ourselves and so the book is like. Oh my gosh be obsessed or be mediocre something like that if people google grant card on bill c. I think he's on a big airplane or something but there are forty one questions in this book. And you're supposed to answer these questions every single day for thirty days around the same time and one of the questions was what you just asked in a way. It's what is something about you. That's just natural. What's an inherent skill. I always say consideration and being able to come at people their point of view and not mine and so sometimes in life we get those little gifts so it's think it's maybe more of a natural thing. What did your parents do for professions. My stepfather is retired firefighter. My mother was in human resources in my late. Father was a factory worker at general motors and clinton michigan pretty close with all of them. Yes yes there were times in. My twenties chachi is that. I wouldn't talk to anybody over the weekend but my parents so yeah. We're very close so you get to tampa. You've you know you've been hired to do mornings. You were obviously frightened. Or you didn't have the belief at that moment in.

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