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Want to beat the Alabama's and the Clintons of the world. Let's be honest, too. It's gonna be It's gonna be a little easier without Trevor Laurence and haven't been facing Mack Jones in the future. If that's going to be the case, well as we talked in pregame I mean the last time and the only other time that one team had three of the top five goat vote getters in the Heisman Trophy was Army in 1946. Alabama has it this year, but you and I are on the same page. When I talk about the deep passes. I'm talking about the 30 40 50 yard Post patterns. Those intermediate passes 15 2025 yards down the field, which I think is what you're talking about. I agree with you. They did not go to that much early. But I do. The game plan was to control the football and try to run it and keep it away from Alabama. And until the game has to be a three score game. I think they didn't want to start throwing it. A lot of maybe it was not a good decisions. What? One of the things Charlie Weis came in. When he came in after coach Willingham to party he came, he said, Hey, offense, you have to have in a mentality is to score and defensively you gotta have that mentality, too. And there's just understand the concept of Hey, there's a ton of firepower on Alabama. Let's let's try and wind down the clock, but they had 14 points after 12 place. I mean, you can't slow them down. In games like this. It's not about trying to manage things go out and play. Play fast. Let your personalities come out. That's the only way you win. In the game of football. You have to let in book play with reckless abandon, as he did with five minutes left in the fourth quarter. And if you can encourage that, from a coaching standpoint, there will always be a limit to the performance of your players on the field. So next year, you're already start to think about that. What has Notre Dame need to do to try to take that next step next year and by nobody loses any eligibility in this cove it 19 season, but Conventional wisdom certainly is that in book will not return to. You're gonna have a new quarterback and we don't know who's coming back here. The roster decisions are going to be difficulty and complicated, but You're gonna have talent. So what is Notre Dame need to do next year? Well, it's gonna be interesting, Jack. Because of what you mentioned due to Cove it there will be no one who loses a year of eligibility. So Coach is gonna have conversations with players, but they've never had. That means that you could go to any and book and say, Hey, maybe you don't hire an agent and you go through the NFL process. And if you don't get your after where you want you come back to you come back to school, and we'll have a spot for you. We want you to Get 40 wins as a starting quarterback, But there's also just where you at with recruiting, you know, now you have to turn he and books played a ton of football. Liam Aiken, Birds played a ton of football. You know Tommy Kramer, Robert Haynes, you these guys have played so much over 150 starts as a group for this offensive line. Who do you want back? Who do you replace them with? Who can you fill in? These are all questions that Notre Dame has to answer and its unique this year because of that eligibility, But one thing also, Jack, we saw the most transfers that I can remember being here and affiliated with Notre Dame this year. Nick Macleod, Ben Saronic players like that. I mean, you have Isaiah as well from a former formally from Ohio State, Isaiah Prior. What is that portal look like now, If your name's getting these graduate players what's out there? What can you fill in with experience players as you've started to open that door, which was previously closed at Notre Dame, a lot of questions But also a lot of possibilities for the future. If you're no today, Ryan's last duty on this broadcast for this season is to select our player of the game. Normally, it's just another game player of the game. But I think in a game like this, we'll pick one for Each team. Also, this is a network break coming up. If Brian Kelly gets into the media room during the break will break out of the break and take you there. We are going to carry his press conference one way or the other in its entirety, since we were not able to chat with him after the game because of Rose Bowl rules and having done that duty the last couple of years is the sideline reporter. Ryan's always want to talk after the loss. Sometimes he's better after a loss in the win in terms of the insightful miss of the conversation, But he was not allowed to talk to us after the game live, but we will carry his press conference so that all that's coming up. In just a moment. This is the number one football radio network today..

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