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But she's just i you know it's unfair. Well the word drama queen you know jumps to mind every once in a while. But i don't know even fire starter. Something just has energy and what that guy say family. It's like who cares. I don't know why you know like are these people it said so. It's a wiring. it's like a little dog versus a big lab or something. They're just kind of heads on a swivel. All the time and my old thing is what's in it for you like what's in it to have that kind of energy. I don't know that you can control it. But i haven't seen in a while so my thoughts and prayers. Well i know you're gonna find this to be a huge surprise but i- back in the day. I never watched my life on the d list until one of my very dear gay friends turned me onto it. Who was obsessed with that kosovo's mailer and it was hull. Larrea watch i love that. Show my god. I mean talk about self aware. That's the whole point that she can't get off the list and it was fantastic. Yeah good move a good series when we're yeah okay. Well let's all take this as a psa. Redheads breaking bonnici. My on the diesel is that goes appointment watching back in the day. You're right next time you order something at a fast food place. Maybe it's not exactly the way you order it. Maybe just take it and say thank you and keep driving Because otherwise a young man. Like twenty-four-year-old dustin rocheleau will point a gun at you while you're driving up to a burger king in michigan and employee. Yeah you tell them that they screwed up your order Police say he got into an argument with the customer over a payment method and then pointed a gun at them through the window. We're looking at the picture now. He's wearing his. Have it your way t. shirt pointing cocking the gun out the window. The customers sped off called nine. One one. roche low fled was caught very quickly by The police very near the restaurant. He was with a gun in his backpack interested on multiple firearm charges. The i think you got ditched a gun when you're running. Yeah yeah just throw it down but then again there is a security camera pointed at you. And you think you'd know that if you were the employees you know we've We figured out the security cameras and the ring doorbells and everyone filming everyone. All the time has not really impacted any kind of street crime whatsoever I'll bet it's i'll bet there's been in bed. Technologies had quite the impact on white collar crime. Because there's a lot of. Don't email me this. I just come to my house and tell me person you know. I'm sure most of the guys. The bernie madoff off of the the new barney made offs have figured out leaving a bunch of tax emails in using people's big hole names and stuff like that even with the hunter biden. Stuff he just says the big guy like send the stuff over the guys wise. they'll give names and titles and stuff like that but nowadays you probably wouldn't be an email now be an email saying we need to talk privately or something something like that but i feel like cameras and surveillance and the paper trails and everything has definitely slowed down the white collar stuff. But it's enhanced the blue-collar curtis street crime scenes have been stepped. Us was more footage of people fighting in the streets in an seven elevens on airplanes and costco's now located floated down at all. I think you're right because when someone's going insane at a grocery store and they see that someone's filming they up their game. Yeah they're extra being filled. Why in front of the counter. At macy's our all over the fucking was is it. As who'd you throw down in a commercial aircraft without at least fourteen people filming phone in their hand right. Yeah it's it's emboldened them yes it's it's in. Everyone's got a phone in their hand. Which is everyone has a erin as a movie projector video recorder camera in their hand. And yeah i it's weird. It's it's an interesting observation. It's not one a. It's not a place we thought humans would go. I'm like we thought we you could hide the camera. And then she. Your dog was getting on the furniture. Like you're out at work or chewing stuff but we didn't think you could put cameras out in the open and that adults would still engage in criminal behavior still porch pirates or something because we were looking at it through the lens of shame. People wouldn't want to be caught doing this now. Nobody gives a shit. Yeah what's a combo between. No one giving a shit and you live in los angeles and someone steals the blue apron. Box off your portuga. Call the cops right on it you guys can pull an e brady complied and up in front of house like guys go. You're on your own. And i think the porch pirates have sort of figured out well even if i'm filmed what he's talking about where we go from here. Yeah all right. let's bring it home. you got it. I'm gina grad and..

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