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Than four they worked their way up off the turn behind terri leib audie you have the lapped car of kenny wallace then jeff bodo is next in line would i'm running at fifth got chat little closing behind him then a couple of more lap cars before you get back to a good race between jimmy spencer and jeff burton off to watch every spitzer works hard coming into the corner trying to find some ground he makes his move around jeff burton burton following him there they've got that traffic to deal with his well depressive dust behind them kitty urban just ahead all turn to here comes jimmy spencer and jeff burton their nose to tail down the backstretch they're trying to chase down kenny irwin it'd be spencer in deterrent three i jeff burton and the exide ford not able to do anything however spencer has done all afternoon is working outside their washed up on a majestic jeff berg good inside look jimmy spencer was back there in seventh position just trying to not lose any ground he is still dealing with jeff burton they are door to door spent you're going to try one more time on the outside and turn war earlier today jimmy spitzer was strong the outside lane let's see if he's still got it bert alongside he's dental the inside of the track work their way through to at spitzer has to come out of it goes by gets the spot last time around spencer wasn't front now it's jeff burton's dern jimmy spencer has been working middle to the outside groups through turns three and four all afternoon it's been working good for last time however he opened blocked four total be spencer just in front of turbie mayfield as bayfield looks at the inside of spencer so jeff burton takes the seven spot away from jimmy spencer now spitzer feeling heat from the high for mayfield we have eighty two laps to go they're all chasing mark martin he's the race leader in the california five hundred by napa changing weather conditions fuel mileage all stories as we work into the late going of the.

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