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Weekly standard dot com now of course andrew of the vice president has vigorously vehemently denied this of especially accused the new york times will be a part of be continuing efforts to divide this administration your take on the exactly where the signature stands and where it originated yeah well first of all obviously you got to start with the caveat that the electorate talking about and 2020 had it 2017 right now they're awadi ground covered on that uh in terms of of the administration the new the new a mild minute uh you know audited issue and every other issue who knows what the lay of the land going to be at a few years here but people have to start the ball rolling on the they take another elliott dan though of course no matter what you would feel at the vice president of the united faith it going to deny categorically that he he is thinking about uh laying plan to go it alone and of course he act on that e a key responded on saturday called time dory category fall other disgraceful and offensive maybe that's true maybe it it it but the back of the matter is that the vice president has uh been behaving like a person would do is it has really interested in iran era he got his political action committee bad making connections with uh you know various donors and the party in making those kind of tokyo's relationship up i kept on any other people and co uh especially from my perspective i don't think he's going to try to an and ask the nomination from president trump though in any danger that at all um but what's happening at a little bit more of sirte heading their back a little bit contentious e planning again the possibility that donald trump either chooses not around and plenty plenty or is forced not running 2020 clearly there are a lot of instability in the creditor in he added you know the whole numbers eat coming and getting really bad at bay at the opposite of.

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