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Do you think they woke up went to a meeting and just looked around the room it's guys we gotta start making money now turns out giving people unlimited movies per day for nine bucks a month is a bad deal for us it's one of those things i don't get how the ever made money in the first place like amazon how they turn the like no profit every single year and yet still make a ton of money 'cause like the stocks or something like that i don't get it don't get out post on me yeah yvonne yvonne stores at the mall nobody was ever in them and say how does tiv and make money and it turns out they didn't jabba i don't know about this i look i like the concept of moore movie distribution digitally that i can watch it home however some of the netflix wants have been good and some of the other ones haven't been it's going to be a battle to compete with netflix for good movies and i just don't see anyone being able to pay more than netflix for those types of films right now if i'm interpreting the article right yeah how did they get the money to get an even remotely good movie like what movies do think though we syndicating so they teamed up with the orchard and they have movie coming out on friday actually called american animals with evan peters not bad and dowd up out of that she wouldn't an emmy or globe she wants something for you want an emmy and now evaluated not a second one to get a second come to the office soon yeah two time emmy winner which means nothing apparently blake jenner's in this movie so there is a movie that movie pass is releasing with the orchard that they have to do maybe.

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