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Uh, this is the part of the show where we tell you two things that we are obsessed with in the top two an hour to give him the old 11212. And now the weekly dish presents top Tonto top to pick your best two in our to give me two with him with him with Okay. All right. Things were obsessed with. You Want me to go first? Yes, I would step. Okay. Um, First thing I'm gonna tell you about is something called lob Nay or La Vina. Happen that I don't want to get the wrong but is basically if you've heard of love Naina l A B N E. H, And it's basically what S so I started getting kind of a curious about it. When I got the Turkish bagels from Cafe Syriza. You know those beautiful sesame seed covered things and they come with LaDonna and I was like What is it was like a cream cheese, and I thought And so I started making it at home. Cause it's delicious. It's lighter than cream cheese, and it's got a little bit of a tang. And it's just kind of I don't know. I'm very excited by it. I can't wait to see how I change it up and use it. But basically what we're talking about here, kids. Two cups of whole milk or 2% green Greek yogurt, which I have in my French and then a little bit of salt. That's it, That's all you need. And then you wrap it up in your cheesecloth and you put it in your stranger, and you let it sit in your fridge for a couple of days and drain all the liquids and you kind of squeeze it. And that's It's basically that and like draining the liquid out of it. And then what you're left with is sort of this lovely spread about soft, tangy cheese, huh? I know that I am making I'm a cucumber, yogurt, cilantro mint salad? Yeah, like Probably once week. Yeah, I've just been eating Greek yogurt like I've been putting it, but I've always loved it Savory. So like, yeah, that's the thing is, I often put like oregano or garlic into it. And then you know, put that on top of I've just been using in his yogurt. And so I love the idea. This is being a little bit easier. And then Bone appetit had this great article that was like 13 ways. You know, to use blob to pee and chard with poached eggs. Yes, I mean, spreading it on toast is a big thing, And that's what I've been doing it but they're like using it as like a cheese spread on crackers. You can like you's preserve Levens in it, and One of the other recipes has it where You. You kind of roll it into balls after it's kind of firm because it's gonna have that go cheesy sort of texture. After you drink all the moisture and then you roll it into like a ball, and then you submerge it in olive oil with lemon and herbs. And then it becomes this sort of like Herb preserved cheese. I loved it. I'm super excited by it. And then, like, also as a base, sort of like, you know, like, you know, like the Hamas Bowls. People put a swash of you miss, if you can put like a little kind of swath of this stuff. And then, um, and then put on your veg. Or maybe you're I was thinking about this pork shoulder I'm doing today. I might make a bowl with like a little love, Nana and then a little Farrell. Yes, Yes, exactly. Actually have some parsley, cilantro, little Urbi salad. All right, I have. I was singing purple rice in this pretty. I'm mixing it all up so Anyway, That's a little thing. It's easy to do, and it doesn't. It's inexpensive if you think about it, because it's just Greek yogurt and salt, and this just takes a little time. And I just like, give you a new fresh ingredient to use this winter. I'm gonna try this lab now. Okay? This would go well with your lab. Next to it is bass pass salsa. How it is a product that is made in the twin cities. It is a compliment to things like, Samo says, or non. It is a salsa that's made with jalapenos, cilantro, onions and lemon. And Hoyo Foods makes it's It's Molly owned food company. Yes, and I had it probably the first time about three years ago, and I had it with the Simone or the Sambu says that they sell in the frozen section. Yeah, and I was like, Okay, this is a frozen sam Busa. But what is this? Like? I just loved it. And then I saw it at the grocery store recently and I bought it. And I really like the taste of cilantro, and it's a salsa, but it's sort of thicker. So I've been using it to mix into like yogurt as a salad. And then putting cucumbers and other cilantro in there is a garnish. Yes, we used it. A Z a white being chili base. That sounds good. That sounds really good. It's just really delicious. It's called Boss Boss, B. A. S. B. A S and it's made by Somali women in the Twin cities. I love it. I love it. That spot's as mass. How do you spell it? B A S B A s passed bad mess Mass. Okay, Um All right. So the second thing I'm gonna have is that I have been a little personal journey. Um Here's some personal news, which is, you know my favorite entry. Uh, some personal news on Twitter. No, it's not really personal news. You guys It's basically I've been drinking a lot of bubbles in January, because I don't I've just sort of been feeling like You know, we go through the holidays and we drink all these bubbles, and we don't think about it because we're just partying and I at the end of January or at the beginning of January, I bought a whole bunch of bottles of bubbles. I don't know why. And I just was like, Why not my answer? Exactly. But I mean, I'm just by myself, which is dangerous territory for me, right? Because it's harder because I mean red wine. I can make that bottle last for like, you know what I mean? But like bubbles, you start to lose. And the pressure my God to use your bubbles. You put the fork in it upside down. No, I haven't had a spectacular bubble keeper. Okay? I want to know where that is. Yes, well, mine was a gift from it was a move. It's like a move. Cloquet, you know, click. Oh, top, but they're available. So what I'll do is I will find one that people can buy matches up to it because it just is literally like a little stopper, and then it hooks. You snap it down so that it hooks onto the lip of the bottle so that it keeps its seals it. There are no bubbles getting out, Okay, because I think if I had that I would drink champagne more often, because I'm alone. My husband doesn't drink. It's that's my point, so that we're in the same boat. So here's the thing that I've been drinking, though. I have not been drinking champagne, and when I say bubbles, it's interesting because I've been drinking pet that what was a petting that you've been talking about this on your instagram? I'm like, What is pet man? I was hoping people would actually go look it up Honestly, because come on. It's a lot of work. Now. I wrote an article years ago, actually two years ago about the rise of pet nut and what it is his petulant Natural, which is that's this French term and it's basically it's kind of describing yourself. It is a little bit. I am a little bit petulant and natural. Sure, I am, but I feel like I feel maybe that's why it's January for bubbles. But basically you have to remember that this is just a sparkling wine. It's a more natural process than champagne. If you want to break it down, it's pet net is a wine that they bottle during initial fermentation and the sugars from the grapes provide the bubbles. So most campaigns are. You know, they have a secondary fermentation that gives the bubbles and then they bought them after that. And this one is, um this one is the byproducts of this process. Um, it's it's the bubbles Come naturally. So is it less bubbly or smaller bubble or and this is the thing. It's kind of. It's kind of Ah, dice throw because it's everybody has different processes. There's different here. Why there's different mixes asshole sorts of things. But so basically, you're kind of agreeing to crack into a bottle. That is a little bit. It could be funky and it is maybe not as like refined, you know, there might be some sediment and stuff. I have just been enjoying trying them, and I have to tell you that lakeside wines, which is my local liquor store out in long leg. They also own Lowry Hill liquors in uptown, if that's easier for people to get to, but they have just been stalking him..

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