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What he brings so you know where you're all right that right now with that but they have gotten chapman back to at least where he is bringing a little bit of swagger back to the situation right now he tried to get their bullpen is best of all you can for the yankees this is very simple to me you don't expect them to win the division they're going to host the while kagame most likely against a team they should be and that's the thing they need to win this wildcard game now in recent years we've we've all but i took these guys to the game last year right i took you guys to the yankee game that i take it came to adjust the anc again i love i took it to the met gameless you but are we able to mets nath last year oh no not the playoff game no i'm not gonna play i know i took the yankee player gonna take you guys in that none of us i went to both games and williams hit a runscoring yet so oh that's basically at you know we watch kykl due to the yankees in one of the most boring games in history and then that game lay zero zero game of bumgarner and so the god dead you know familiar gives a threerun homer and that's the end of that so we have watched pictures committed dominate in this town in two straight while kagame th the yankees neither win the game and from there no matter what happens i don't care if they go the clinton get swept this year is a distinct success no matter what happens from there when lose a draw when no games when one game i don't care what happens there the year has been an unqualified success but i just think the way this year is gone the amount of time they've been situated in the postseason where they are sitting how they are built the changes they made the moves they made they need to get through this wild game especially if it is against the.

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