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They'd have to sell them at some point. I january. He's got to go on loan again. Oh, absolutely. He's on loan now, obviously. And and you're right is either that needs talking. That was a full season long loan or if that was just half a season. I'm not sure, but whatever it is. You're right. There's no place for them right now on this club, especially as long as El Dorados there. I it's kind of with Tottenham what we were talking about over the past couple of weeks is like it's funny. They're not playing the way that you have come to know them under Pocchettino over the past few seasons. But the results have been there, and they've even been more impressive than at least points wise than they have been in some of the last few seasons. So I guess you say keep doing what they're doing. They're kind of living on the edge a little bit these they're not putting teams away. Really these games are close like wolves. They built a three nil lead. But then allow two goals for wolves to come back and make that really terrifying. Finish. But they're getting getting victories at least in the league right now. So you can't fault them too, much, by the way, I did breathe a small sigh of relief when I saw that San Diego Salah was named took the interim tag off of him for the remainder of the season it Real Madrid. Well, I wouldn't trust that contract will be seen to its fulfillment. Well, it keep winning though this league rules, Andrew too. So so I understand, but if they continue to win under him if they have a good showing in the Champions League, I'm not saying Real Madrid have to win it. But it would be it'd be kinda difficult to fire him. After he turned them around from what they were in the beginning of the season. And did well in here is Real Madrid bills with no not in the least bit difficult. Let's see and last but not least your arsenal somewhat fortunate to escape the affirmation wolves with a one one draw streaming fortunate. Andrea Bernd Leno excellent. He was brilliant in denying him in his at one point took a booth and nasty boot on the ground on that one denied trae ori- late onto Obama Yang did Mississippi, Dr Patricia saved well from Tarare bought if you look at the chances and the preponderance go chances whoa should have won that game. Which again, we keep saying we've we've had some snow fans who saying, well, why don't you give us the grinding out badge? Because we always say Spurs Liverpool. Grind out a win an arsenal have been going up wins. But it's caught up with them. And they were looking to get away with that one. The Brady was interesting on the radio recently. He said, look he. I am raised report card right now is he's got that frontline firing that midfield Torrero. Very good. But and the book is that defense is not what needs to be for them to be back, which has been the case for the past few years. Yes, it has. But I guess if you look at it. I definitely think the upgraded goalkeepers helped them because you can safely say in this game. He earned them appoint JJ have a wait what stat for you, call that? Because sometimes you hear a stat. And you just say wait what you have to like read it again. Okay. Two teams have yet to have a lead at the half this year. Cardiff is one arsenal is the other. What? Yeah. Wait what? Wow. Isn't that? Crazy recently. That's crazy. That's crazy. That is nuts. I now it speaks to their grinding out results in the second half. And we gave you the stat a few weeks ago about how many goals they had scored in second half compared to I have cry shocking. Now, that's not even in the Fulham game. What? What did I just say? You don't you? Call me a liar. Yeah. But you are now with that stat thrusting Camry and Neil worn together. And I'm comfortable with it tooth Cardiff. An arsenal are the only two clubs that have not led a game this season of the half. That's amazing. Let's see we're going to take a very quick break..

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