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He have a national championship already? Like all of that stuff is probably in play. As we've talked about before, you even go look at that last team you had in Indiana, that was a legitimate national championship contender. And then Dan dockets took it over and ran it straight into the ground, like immediately just torpedoed it. It's unbelievable how he took a great thing and just made it awful. But like, you know, there's other examples of that in his own life, I think. So, but Calvin could have won a title that year. And if not that year, then in the subsequent years. But either way, after being forced out of Indiana, taking a total rebuilding situation at Houston and missing several years of being a division woman in the basketball coach, he's still at 700 career victories. And I think arguably, if not undeniably, has his best chance ever right now to actually win a national championship. As of yesterday morning, North Carolina and Gonzaga, according to Caesar sports book. I mean, North Carolina, Kentucky rather. According to Cedar sports book, had the best odds to win the national championship, but Houston was third. And obviously, if you watch the season opener, it was against an outclassed opponent, but they just overwhelmed them. And it was nice to see Kelvin get that 700th win and he'll go for 7 O one on Friday night at the U.S. naval academy in the veterans class. Trivia time. Okay, let's go. I got two of them. All right. There's gonna be one other coach that gets to 700 this season. Do you know who it is? Jim Lara. Bada Bing. I don't know it 'cause I just was looking at it last night. All right, Jim learning is sitting at 6 97. Let me bring up the Miami schedule real quick for you right here. So 6 97 for coach L as they call him, Coachella got a win, got a dub against Lafayette. No, not a lot of drama there. So you want to see Greensboro, 6 98, Florida a and M, 6 99, and then oh, right up here in my state of Connecticut. When number 700 could come, maybe, against Providence at mohegan sun, next Saturday. Okay, so you got another trippy time. Yeah, yeah, partly. I wondered if you researched this. But Asuka, anyway, and plus it's something for listeners to learn. All right, how many active coaches have 700 or more wins in men's D one? I was going to ask you this and then I was like, I don't feel like looking it up. So I just were on the same I wondered if you might look it up as well. It's like if he tries to trivia time me with this, I'm not going to even obviously bob huggins. Yes, John Kelly. 41 at the D level for bio huggins. Yeah, John calipari, caliper. Yes, he's at 7 68. Some of these are NAA vacated adjusted beats. How about this on Jim behaim? Jim behaim obviously has the most of any active coach. Beheim just got beheim was on the sideline for his 1100th victory. Okay, I'll phrase it that way. Beheim was on the sideline for his 1100th victory on opening night against Lehigh. But because a 101 wins have been taken away from him, he's now sitting at 999 in the eyes of the NCAA, meaning if Syracuse beats Colgate in its next game, that won't be an easy one. Colgate's good. But if Syracuse beats Colgate in its next game, Jim behaim will make history, he'll become the first coach to everyone a thousand games twice. It's ridiculous. It is ridiculous. Chimpanzee has overseen 1100 wins at Syracuse. That's the number that I choose to recognize the NCA technically has him sitting at 9 9 9. He will, when his career ends, most likely surpass Mike's key for having the most overseeing the most victories in the history of one. So how many have we named now? You have named huggin? The question is how many there are. Huggins. Obviously Samson's baked in behaim calipari. I think you got those four. So we need more, but I don't want to tell you how many more, because I need to know. I'm just going to try to talk through it. Bill self was there, I think. 7 63. That's 5. Is Rick Barnes there already? That's right. 7 54. That's 6. You might have, you might have mentioned another coach I just don't remember if you mentioned it or not. I think you did. Did you mention patino? No, but he was in my head. Obviously, obviously. We could be done at 7 or there could be more. You think through it. Those are the only ones that pop into my head. Who am I missing? How many am I missing? You were missing two. There are 9 active division one men's basketball coaches with at least 700 wins. I feel like we talked about this at one point and surprisingly, at least surprisingly to me, Dana Altman's name came up. Not a Bing. Dana Altman is lowest on the list. Well, now Kelvin's technically lowest. Dan Altman's at 7 ten. The last one's tough. A coat of a power conference program currently. But then doing this at the D one level since 1975.

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