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And it is webs day morning which means we've got webb's world coming up here this morning and you'll be hearing what ted webb has to say at about ten minutes after six an hour from now and you know of course what he talked about do had a great dinner last night too and you're not telling i will not say a word i'm guessing he's got some nice things to say about maxine waters you guess lionel correctly yesterday in nail ted today i just thought he couldn't pass on maxine waters who possibly could for goodness sake and this country is about to be rent into it is just incredible what's happening out there now and you just wonder i mean had this kind of stuff been going on during the obama era it would have been major headline in every paper in the country it's the news media that's causing this i think more than anything no doubt about it they rent this country apart and they're continuing to do it and there's not gonna be any change i'll guarantee you that and some of million up going out of business that would be nice but nevertheless let's find out how your traffic situation is going here this morning's we turn it over to daisy ash chain traffic center powered by climate design construction blocks two right lanes northbound on the veterans expressway at linebaugh we're up to speed on the salman into downtown it's a smooth ride on our area bridges and interstates this traffic report is brought to.

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