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District last week he plans to step down hal has been with oh you sd for two decades his critics say he allowed former superintendent antoine wilson and his allies to run the district into a mill multi dollar deficit that recently led to significant cutbacks hal supporters say he worked to help the district retain local control in regained fiscal health the resignation ends his second stretch of work for oh you esti in the nineties he held several financial positions at the district december may have been bone drive with this first week of twenty 18 is predicted to bring in up to an inch of rain forecasters say wet weather will start tomorrow and continue on an offer the rest of the week last month was one of the dry as december's on record national weather service meteorologist brian me he says that's because of a highpressure ridge that was blocking storms from coming through the coming down now it going to be pushing at rig of high pressure for the east a little veteran it cannot open up the door forty stormed come into um you know the state forecasters also say another storm will roll into the bay area early next week police are trying to find out what caused a delivery truck to drive onto a sidewalk injuring seven people in san francisco's richmond district yesterday among the victims were two elderly pedestrians one with life threatening injuries in another with serious injuries as well as a family of five in another vehicle all of whom suffered minor injuries i'm brian.

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