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Yeah like they should have really skirted the line between like what can awkward do anybody gives of bucket who knows let's cnn's in handy in unlike any check it out became immediately jamie do did message me and he said like you guys have to talk on the show be about this because arco man shows up in an batman says like why did you bring a tried to enter whatever and he was like and it it had more than three prongs on it he's like was that even is it a try then if there's more than three stick's on the end of it wa widow yet for ira four dance or a day yeah yeah it's it's like that's fine you'll you'll watch it on you'll rented for 399 you'll be like i got my four dollars worth yeah well i'm going to one thing none of the going in a makeshift the theater for and yeah yeah justice league is totally forgettable yep but again i would definitely say see it because gun awad movies yes i think this really puts us firmly into the camp of the d c world is occasionally watchable yen like aim here cements what what the hold these he world is life and it's uh disappointing but not a total disappoint yeah and i feel like snyder's probably going to be taking steps back now after what happened with bannon be superman and and i feel like maybe he's going to be taking less of a like a like author style lino like hand in this stuff and i concede jumping from this movie to like giving somebody else the rains would having you know him be like i've built the world's so you have to play in what i've built what like get you know i'm just going to oversee it leaves go maker movie i could see them getting there is this we did not do that well and it's opening weekend no no it's looking like a they're going to lose a lot of money on it even though it's slow you is number one who was a number one with enough money.

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