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A lot of people who have been following along Award Jack. It came right out of the stand A lot of people who know me or have been following along. No that Steven Universe is one of those things that I really love to return to to sort of flex my I guess critical muscles and just really pick apart. What a lot of modern animation tends to get wrong now that Steven Universe itself is over and his wrapped up with the movie it still carries over some of its bigger issues that were really evident in the later seasons where nobody and I mean Nobo- nobody in the Phantom liked it And just being on the cusp hospice that you know knowing friends who were there since the beginning and just kinda wanting to see this at end you know eventually like I'm just here to see this is end. I gotta say there have been more instances than not that. I have enjoyed an episode because Yes yes I think a lot of what you've said is right on the nose. They've been a lot more careful and low and a lot more I think conscientious of what they're putting in each episode. I still think that there's some things that need fixing and it's really not. It's something that I think that they're going to be able to do in Steven Universe itself but the first thing David eggs they gotta get longer run time. I think something nothing like Steven Universe Future. That is so intent on having slow moments of character reflection and development. It needs more time time. It needs moments like gravity falls had not to say needs to be one to one but grabby falls has some good moments where you establish the characters use tablets. Is there conflict. You see what they're going on about. You see them kind of internalized things over the course of the episode and it rolls in to something that snowballs and becomes the conflict of the episode. I think some good examples of this word. The Bluebird episode with the Final Confrontation Nation with Greg I think that that was a really good example but it needed a little bit more time. Some breathing room as it were I've mentioned this on my instagram. I am I think they could have really liked that for a couple of episodes even and kind of had like bluebird sort of wandering in the back you know. And and maybe a couple episodes later. The epic portrayal happens but it looks like that character might come back. They're sort of You know again like you say they plant some seeds and things like that another good one was the cat episode. I think just overall when they have it right again they nail everything when they have the gem action the moments of developing Stephen and his internal conflict and his feelings links towards the rest of the cast and his mother The animation has definitely been more consistent. There's been some people have noticed some things but everything so far has not been jarring and horrible like it used to be i. I feel like it could just be a little bit better. And the only reason I say this is because everybody everybody loves Steven Universe and I think when it comes to that you need to realize that you you gotta have someone who is sitting there saying that you know no. It's not that this show can do no wrong. It's that you know the better. It could be great. Oh it could do a lot of wrong and it has But at the end of the day I think my main main problem with it is The thing that carried over the worst is that the gems don't know how to really communicate. Sometimes there will be moments where they just act completely immature and childish and it can be played off for laughs but you start to wonder like you guys lizard thousands of years old and continually bring this up when it matters. Why haven't y'all talk to each other about about this? If it really bothers you that much Kim I throwing ideally bothers. Can I go to guys out there about that One and I'd always heard this a lot with Dr who They're aliens they're aliens so talking to humans is hard for them that would be me talking to each other and two number two Sure they are thousands of years old but on home world and in the Great Diamond Authority there was always a caste system and there was a hierarchy so maybe a only until recently thanks steven they never really. We need to talk to one another. Because of the hierarchy and the gem caste system. Everyone knew their place. Everyone knew their purpose which which is something they talked about which is why little homeschool exists. So maybe they just never had the opportunity to do do those things because it was just never needed until recently. That's a decent point But I think just if if you're talking about a trio as tightly knit as Garnet amethyst and Pearl it just every single time that they always draw this out like sense. The SARDONIC ARC. And I know that's going back to the original Steven Universe but they hit some moments like this in future as well where I just wonder like how hoke the fuck is this. Not come up for Y'all in discussion like even just casually like hey you know I really like when we use the start is but there's really no reason to do anymore anymore. Oh Yeah you're right maybe we just do some dentist you know just for funsies done solved again. I know that that's that example. But if they do now they're totally okay with it. I would be totally okay with that. If they do that for Sun Stone I love the Don. I think they need to do stuff like that. Because like episodes like ah yeah it was just like you really. You really need to talk and I know that part was mostly Stephen needs to be able to. You know talk about things like that and I do say David. I think you're spot on about the fact that this is finally kind of like hitting some pater for some good good good good lessons lessons to teach some youth to think. Hey Hey are you not taking carry yourself. She probably take care yourself issue. Get some damn therapy. I ended like and also yeah. You're fifteen you're sixteen. You're seventeen you're gonNA be going through a lot of changes and you're gonNA becoming in adult soon and he might not see some of your friends that you use to see much anymore. It's GonNa be tough but you're going I'M GONNA have to learn to live with it. Yeah just you know. I I see what they're trying to do for the most part and I really am just giving get the most chances that I can and I am going to see this through to the end I just feel like for the most part it ends up being a very disproportionate pushing a balancing act of okay. Now there's a lot of people talking about their feelings and you do realize you guys are super powerful rocks with magic powers you can solve your problems with okay. You can just talk a little bit because I gotTa say this David. I might sound like a little bit of a child. I'll here but If I make a story about super powerful character Earth's at can shape shift and do anything thing. I think I'm probably going to have them do that a lot. Because that would be fun and good to animate yeah. There is a budgetary standpoint of that. Never refuse to think that there's anyone who you know is maybe on the younger side of the Steven Universe demographic who's watching this going like. Oh Yeah Yeah I'm I'm down for this But you know that. That's that's more of a minor. Gripe I get that they're in an epilogue so it is a bit more con- conversational. The part of me just thinks every once in a while like you guys are powerful alien but then you get episodes like Stephen Tag. It ends up all right so you know I'm going to give it a B minus right now I'm GonNa give Steven Universe Future A. B. Minus. See me after class. We got some things to work out. But I'm rooting for you. And I think you can do better. I am giving Steven Universe Future. Abi I'm saying good work I feel like could by the end of the semester. You'll have it figured out and you'll be all right. I think we're in in for a good finale. Whatever whatever's going to happen of a finale that we can actually start seeing Yes they're actually planting seeds for for how about that. Can you please end end and well. I feel like you know there there were. There's some good points where they could've ended like Jean language virtue. Tom Seen In. Change your mind look you adventure tie It's like the the animated n sequence in. Change your mind I gotta say like it could have ended their absolute. I would have been happy. That is undeniably the best sequence in Steven Universe bar none but you know then the movie happened and that wrapped up things pretty well too. WHO and they said? Yeah we're GONNA keep going on with Steve Even Universe Shipton and Steven Doc Steven Universe guy it. I don't know I actually. That's a joke. I always say but I really would love to see Steven Universe Guy. You know maybe twenty thirty years down the line someone says you know. This should have been twenty. Two minutes should have been twenty two minute episodes and we should have Actually known what we were doing from the beginning and they can go in they. Can you know actually establish some stuff that can you know pretty it up a little bit. Make season for not look like such hot garbage edge.

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Steven Universe, Stephen Tag, Steven discussed on Delta Juliet Mike Media

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