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We continue to try to gather information? This is a. A neighborhood area. There are people telling. We have lost two cars lush Turner who is a local reporter for our local owned and operated station. Fox News, Chicago, FOX thirty two their I reports live from on the ground, and you heard the car I say that the the local police are expected to hold a news conference. Our best information is five o'clock central time, which would be about an hour and fifteen minutes from now. So that's when we'll get the first official stand up reporting. But we're also waiting for two other things one is a briefing from mercy hospital. There are a number of hospitals involved here. Multiple victims have been airlifted to advocate good Samaritan hospital in downers grove. That's a nearby suburb. That's a trauma center others taken to Amita health. Mercy medical center in there in Aurora and then to who were not badly injured. Non-life-threatening injuries at rush Copley medical center there in Aurora so three different hospitals that we know of involved with treat in treating the wounded. It's our belief that the officers who were wounded were taken to the bloke trauma center there. And I want to repeat the news from the city of Aurora communications officer Clayton Muhammed, the officers are all in stable condition. And the suspect was neutralized. That's not to say we are to read nothing into that. Except that they don't want to give us anything official about what the condition of this suspect is history tells us if you know who the suspect is right now, you are contacting suspects relatives scouring such suspects personnel files at work speaking to suspects co workers and bosses at work going through social media and going to any residents of that suspect and to the vehicle of that suspect. In addition, we know. Know from the from eye-witnesses, we are led to believe that the person was carrying at least one firearm, which has been described as far as a pistol and has further been described as having a green laser emitting from the site. I can give you know further than what the witnesses have said just imparting to you. What we've been told? At any rate that is about the extent of what we have so far and that multiple victims or multiple hospitals. So what about the school situation? Jonathan hunter chief correspondent with details on that. Now jonathan. Yeah. A lot of parents in the immediate area breathing a sigh of relief right now. Having been told in the last few minutes by the west Aurora school district that they have been told that they can lift the lockdown of those schools and children will begin to be handed over to the parents, obviously within the next hour or so so that is some very good news Aurora. Police also saying picking up on the language that they've been using about the shooter Aurora police have said, quote, the shooter is no longer a threat. That is an interesting change in language. They initially said that he was apprehended you've quoted the spokesman for the city of Aurora using the term neutralized. Now, we don't know we cannot speculate Jonathan pardon the interruption. We're going to go back for another live report from the from the scene, dicara decor. I Turner speaking. Now, let's listen, what's the general mood? Say.

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