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The wealthiest Americans are getting even richer during this time of crisis at a time when as many as twenty two million Americans have filed for unemployment a report from the institute for Policy Studies says the combined wealth of America's billionaires has increased by nearly ten percent since the start of the pandemic wallstreet overall may have been on the decline but tech and stay at home stocks have rallied this means that the net worth of H. of those billionaires including Amazon's Jeff Bezos and zoom co founder Eric Yang have seen a billion dollar jump on their network statements in just a few weeks on Jan Johnson at eleven fifty five it is money news on K. Y. W. the bluebirds Bryggeri video games towards real life sports anywhere to be found no not even close so what's a sports addict to do the NFL tried to fill the pandemic induced board with a star studded video with the likes of former tight end Tony Gonzalez urging you to stay at home thank you your family protected so and QB one Tom Brady of your stand safe and healthy out there encouraging social distancing so fans are turning to video games statistic dot com reports a sixty three percent total increase in video game sales in just one week in March and it seems people want as close to the real thing is they can get list of national football league video games long dominated by the Madden franchise is starting to grow published fifty games announced a.

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