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Sirius XM channel eighty five. The hi hater show would be a case sometimes constitu. All right. Let's go out to the phone lines. We got Dave in Texas. What's up? Dave. Hey, so John I venture blog today about obviously about like the gender thing. It'd be Kip. And I was just really kind of wondering at least sports, you know, we go through the training, and obviously like the whole part of like brainwashing. And and you know, taking personal responsibility personal responsibility the team just like how how does that? Like, I think that when you do. So like this it's going to invalidate some points of maybe training purposes in terms of like the way. Like, it are they gonna have like female Jewish doctors with all right? Hold on. Hold on. Let me let me set up from the listeners who might not have read the blog today. So today's the first time in Marine Corps history that there will be a company of marines are battalion of marines that are training together, both female and male traditionally males and females at Marine Corps boot camp on Parris island have trained differently. There's been three battalions of marines for a second and third. Fourth battalion has been females now there will be a platoon of females within a company of third battalion on Parris island. I wrote a blog in favor of it. I think it's fine. Dave, you seem like you disagreed. You wanna say why you disagree? I disagree from the aspect of the more of the training perspective. Okay. So all obviously, like, we're we're built on a team when you get the MCAT or if you go to east coast, west coast best goes, but it's it's just I think that. We integrate stuff like so I read it. But is it just going to be a platoon within a company like it's not going to be a mixed platoon? Is that correct? Yes, right now that the initial training is there's going to be five male platoons and one female tune within that company. Okay. So then I'm I must have misread it. But what the same standards? I think within the company how like how overlay in terms of like delay that male drill. Instructors going to treat female recruits at female, drove truckers streak, male recruits. I think that's gonna potentially like crossover and caused some problems also when you have any male, recruits and female recruits in these same like the Senate like there's like they're gonna get caught fucking like that's like like you supposed to fucking the schoolhouse kids out like invade p for fucking the schoolhouse. I just think that's inevitable. Fact, I think that could possibly to take away from like the affec-. Of the training. If you find Kate I'll let you talk and just like, you wanna you wanna address that because you are female marine, you you actually go. Well, so again when? Address the first thing I think they're going to have extensive training on it, whichever drill. Instructors are gonna take this over. I think they're going to be well versed in it. And anything you say beforehand is just completely subjective. You have no idea how it's going to be and how it's going to be conducted. So that's all hearsay and easy to get like riled up about or whatever not that. You are. I'm just saying and then as for the having sex like, oh, if they they meet they're going to have sex. Okay. I my thought is if they do so what they shouldn't. But every now and then people do, but it takes two to Tango. And second of all I don't again, it's one of those things like chipset earlier out of the whole percentage of people who would very small, but that's what gets blown up, and it's made a huge thing of. I think. Yeah. My point on the sex thing. It's like we forget what boot camp is like you don't have the not just fucking hanging out there..

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