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Totta anti-obesity news. Komo AAA traffic. No complaints of you're out on the roads right now. The have no collisions or blocking problems slowing things down. We're moving along the legal limit on the arterioles in the major freeways. King Pierce Kitsap county area that goes where I five north and southbound from Seattle Tacoma Everett and Olympia both floating bridges four or five in one sixty seven through the valley. And we're not hearing of any early morning problems that should be affecting the first. The ferry sailings might conklin. Komo news. Overnight temperatures tumbling to the mid to upper thirties for the greater Seattle area in the east side. Meanwhile, the south sound temperature's bottoming out in the low thirties, we are going to be dealing with some low lying, clouds and fog for some of those valleys, other fog prone areas and the south sound but throughout much of day on Sunday. We'll be dealing with lots of sunshine. High temperatures in the upper forties. The mid fifty s dry tranquil weather expected to make sure to get outside and enjoy it. I'm meteorologist Tony in the KOMO weather center from ABC news. This is perspective. A closer look at the week's top stories and the stories you may have missed I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up. President Trump makes the first Oval Office address of his presidency and visits the border. This is the tragic reality of illegal immigration on our southern border. This is the cycle of human suffering. I am determined to end. We'll take you inside the mind of a data Packer. Are you a hacker? Yeah. I am Hecker. I'm echo and Shaquille O'Neal on helping a family grieving after the loss of their young daughter. Saw the mom was in the story. They're raising money raise money for the. All ahead on perspective. It was the first Oval Office address of his presidency on Tuesday night. President.

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