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He takes these long kind of looping lines toward the rim. To try and get by guys. And in the NBA, that's when the help comes to get you. And reels in and ropes you in. And it's a lot harder to gain separation when you don't have that suddenness necessarily. And you take those longer looping lines because guys are athletic, they can recover a little bit more easily. And the help is almost always going to get to you when you take those like wide angles toward the basket on your drives. Right. Look, I think Johnny Davis is going to be like a high little starter. I love the way he defends. I think the shot is going to be fine. Like I think he's a better shooter than what the numbers indicate or whatever. I think he's going to make shots in the NBA. He just takes a lot of tough ones right now. And that's totally reasonable given what his role is. The other thing I want to call out with Johnny Davis is Bart torvik noted this part Bart's statistical website is fantastic. You guys should go look at it. But in games against top 50 opponents, Wisconsin has played 12 of them so far. Johnny Davis isn't just the best player in the country. He is like drastically the best player in the country. It's not really all that close. He's averaging 25 points, 9 rebounds, two assists. Shooting 41% from three in those games against the top competition. When the games get tough and when the best opponents play Wisconsin, he's been at his best. That's a lot to me about how good Johnny Davis is. I think that when you take that with the overall production, you take that with he's not a bad athlete by any stretch of the imagination. Like he'll be an average athlete in the NBA. With the shooting with the defense with everything else he brings to the table. Yeah, I wouldn't take Johnny Davis at 5 necessarily, but I have him at 6. I really like Johnny Davis quite a bit. Yeah, and the other kind of call it is like he hasn't been taking or making threes. He's been taking one or two in the last like 5 or 6 games. Again, this is like if you're the defense is allow you to drive, you're getting to laying in two games going at 14 free throw attempts. That's fine. I think a lot of stuff's going to expand. I do worry a little bit kind of what you said about NBA defense. The bumps that he has going to land to push off a Big Ten guard. That's different if tomorrow Derozan. Lengthier, bigger, stronger two guards, threes. He's not going to have the same impact to hit over the top. So you hope the three kind of gets back to where it needs to be, the mid range shopper stays where it is still a really high floor and an island a lot right here in the draft. Okay. Let's take a quick commercial break. Now that we're outside of the top 5 and move forward here.

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