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This is Dave Greco. Go on today's episode. The innovator of the landlord of the House of Hardcore Tommy Dreamer himself. We had a great show today. How about this from M. L. W. The great and the NFL W world heavyweight? Champion Jacob to the Samoan family tree. Probably he's one of the best out of all and and then we have filthy. Tom Waller in a feud with the von Erich time very very interesting being the face of a company and he speaks Zeke's very very well next level impressed with him. And also live. in-studio somebody that you've definitely heard of especially on social media. Media is the great. Rj said his after a while. It's like enough at the wrestler. So I I came in and I talked about everything else I was there to Clinton and also your tag team partner. David arquette joined the show. Yeah via very staticky phone his anything he knows how to do. It's techno and he's very good at the Promo to all that right now. On the busted open podcasts.

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