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But it's mainly realized that I can still be a bad ass. Gene GonNa Garriga though wiped her tears and that pushes through all why. Oh being that person. That's like you know what I'm the one who needs the help right now or I'm not feeling so well or I need to take care of me today or I need to focus on doing something for myself to feel better to distress to take care of me. My Body My Temple. My emotional wellbeing my spirit. Because you don't want for your body to stop communicating with you or your mind. You don't want these parts of you to react. In a worst manner than could be non reversible. Had I been having a stroke or had they told me there's something really serious going on with you is because I hadn't taking care of I was on ago. Always been on the going on will continue to always be on the go because I take on so many projects. Because it's what I enjoy. I like being busy but if I'm planning to be super busy and continue to be me who I am. I also need to give myself to space and time to chill out and to pause so that I can continue to be that version of meat or even better and so I just wanted to share that. I wanted to share what I've experienced. I wanted to remind you guys as I need to continue to remind myself that stress and Bernau in worrying and any emotion that might not seem negative but is does affect you and we got to take care of ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves before our body or our minds stopped communicating with us before they stopped giving us those flags those warning signs telling us. Hello what about us? What about you? We know you love and care about everyone else. But what about you? So that's what I wanted to share with you is and that's why I decided to get on here and make this episode. Not just about me. Obviously I'm sharing my story but as a reminder that we gotTa Take Care Of a K. U. Aka ourselves. We have to do it because as much as everyone and anyone who loves you everyone around you cares about you. They can't take care of you like you need to take care of yourself and also to remind you that it is okay to let others take care of you. It is okay to ask for help. That's another one of my struggles and I always known it's something that I need to work on something that I constantly battle with in do try and have gotten better at but it's GonNa still take a lot more work But it's okay. It's okay did take care of ourselves. It's okay to let people know right now. I need to take care myself. And it's also to let others take care of us if they can and if they want to so young and now I'm GonNa say all of this and Spanish for my Spanish listeners. And we will follow it touts. Maleeha you'll suggest which winning blaze inositol. Vm Astonished Quijano Berrow Gaullist Seventy Seasonal Samantha Mumba. So I'll go gay mate you saw really sad gay is important. They see Kwaidan US visa comment. They emotional mente is more important. They escude challenor stroke. Were Bowl honest with speedy unrelenting gwen the stats of thunder the Demonic Car. Gonzo throws DC and Llanos or year. I mean the team's kick without a team or teams more less. America is that what your own Pokusayeva Book Recoup Pana Stupid Tunnel is toy imp sandoval own over the movie that is Donald Trump our whole single malware. Komo those told us they vivo. Gunman over read misinform weekend. Salmon William Mutual Carrier Mississauga Moulana Bureau. Google symphony like Lantis does admiral to this girl Leah. Yarmulke site the dollar moved on to the government side e Mutual cover says. Look at me Dhammika. Oga Millan so-called would kiss early in the mutual of Asano lows mutual but gay nurses. He told Landis in this. But this is unapologetic. Throw via bit will see misinform against had barely hit. Okay discounts on your Lord. Mackay this concert in Manila Diluvian as seen through the day. As Roma's W MONDO ON SIZE. Savak gave Audra miramont-de-guyenne e momentum but in percent media image is Quintet Gay let me. Tell Him. He is still up. But ALYSSA know Cynthia. Mutual ailing want in Lao ritual. Cynthia wiggins the end Awoke UP OUR WHOLE. Nope for the any in garnering logos was lower. Middle of the antennas seem. Sin The comb. Okay I'LL WANNA stop in and sentimental Lucas cintas is al Bukamal grumble sellers lengthy STA ECN guessing. Stout Hanlon is this etc. Pierre on bid or no Muslim level Methadone eighties onus nor whole Mitha to print the Mitte to catch it the method WHOA got established but at least our industrial remodel convince say is Mr Annan infertile. Misstep was on the wild goal. E DAMATO MIDDLE. There are mis- multiple. Nope NOPE and say in your mind. Muncie mid we'll soon pantheon baboons within REMIGIA Allegheny governments Yard established Up seeing if it has Maria learning far doll your Zemun Hockey. Give us a seeming that in mental they. Gaza ALOES PIZZA. Better not been say. Put His campaign no setting alarm mine yet. Been some mean for the career. You must bill thing preliminary leafy seed. Beata Utha go. Noggin cater cerebral me. Missile Mind Noma simple Vian one. Oh Claros was missing. Dovan anlysts school Los Opera Sumatra Mutual Bairro our momentum. Is I know a skit. Keeping mckimmie using Gannett's dog an in store for me e is GonNa go sized about Diet anthea gingell gay to sue. Bradford dark. You welcome on your Mugosa. Ula Alaska molecule mutual LAS. Mam Mcginn MAKITA. You meet them in either. Was that gay. Establishing you then see your skin and not use weather and biddle UNISOM thing Goya Salmond Alita kiss own is Umbro Ma or is Komo. I'll go milo. No Milo pedal at Canossa said you'll say gay Kim Pases Apart Nasal Percocet Tunis's Delta. Vian Bush tape length sola to eat dinner for sewn finality after denies that the means more amusement eat the Tennessee. Severe are you. Let the`mise Malcolm because I've been there when me busy mental persona and museum persona has been there seemed to the moon. Though biddle Estonian ambitious aside gala swim when on E. Maybe he'll get no. I don't Environmental Board Ghei enormous. Mika e some Cosima bells possibly This Guam listed the Baraza Midhat. Kara God I knew I a dossier does meal guzzles. They stole in Lhasa. Social Neal's e Labrador timing gears. Luquillo Kausar Today's or Sunday's Goodwill or the lamp that will Instead a role would get letters table. Gay Control To correct staff. Da Da Star Kamal Inflammation abortion. Nope with kamikaze gone to go. More Leeway in thown says Eliza bitter boy. The cynic would grow up whether sisters Vetoes with fix yawn. Legrand Louisville AL ROOKIE YEAR TO CEREBRAL EKO soysal in doses. Nothing they've done more glasses of yours. Loyola lively is examining the me said April the me one zero e uncle Derna Law No two more Nazi annoyed. I owned on Stroke. Noy On infertile battle. Me So sad. Let importance here at Travis. They Lunacy Saadia is for the que- the Army E. Pinson MIMI'S MMA in Soviet. Gay is not mild. Cynthia may one Is Much said when it obviously is not Michael Mooney God con. Mi Familia Studies. Sinoe Macedo. Vian is not a Mile Il. Mio All low narrow skipping goal. The at that maybe e. Severe Kwa me savage in Kandal quadruple SESTAK. American law. Gone on AMIS Or Year in a social scare the Tennessee without the million bittel Lover Them Nov weekly. Uh See me Mama McClure Atlanta Londoners Niane. The weather's secrecy secrecy. is Joel. Siegel Siegel Siegel. Siegel me mafia seal. Immi Familia Yummy Salad is to win on in real bad Me Kamala Simona. Noble CAN AQUI SEATTLE NAVA. So biddle family letters returned on the even Aspera Var. Who's studies stores that relied e Karam Communiqu Ramsey impotent as the only biddle innocent moment though this was a into Gaza drank me that listen Mori does? Vian CANESSA seat does it. Does tend mosquito silence. Mali's Alyssa monarch Ezekiel you'll eat. Ls Coil a news out visa monomeric. You're like was only gonNA miracle to the VM. Ami Normally Sarah Quintas among Arab Glenn Lesko says being Eva Report game for your Seattle Or The mad. Oh enter got properly or the night lavish they give us your totally Seoul Sydney Memento ASDA Roy Halladay those three Stra Hose Guido Munem Anita okay. Jaba completely AC- They. Yoda a circle Mir Mana Tweeden Donald Program with me Esta Mir Mina..

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