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During Taylor's presidency sectional tensions over the Question Question of slavery reached a boiling point for many southern men like Alexander. Stevens Robert Tombs enough was enough Stevens. ENTOMBS would become leaders in the section enlist movement in the south. They would push for secession and they would go on to become vice. President Secretary of State of the confederacy Zachary Taylor had hoped to cool the growing tensions over slavery and unite the country round his presidency. He would never get the chance in July of eighteen fifty just sixteen months into his term tragedy would strike on July fourth day after Stevens. ENTOMBS barged into Taylor's office. The president returned to the White House. After a long day of glad-handing public appearances and a visit to the site of what would become the Washington monument thirsty and hungry tailored drink water if legends to be believed eight a Big Bowl of cherries to satisfy his empty stomach not long after he fell. Ill racked by sharp abdominal pain. Five days later. The Baltimore Sun reported on Taylor's condition. We regret to learn that the indisposition President Taylor yesterday assumed alarming character the next day the Sun announced the tragic news of Taylor's death riding the the nation will mourn the departure of a hero and patriot. Sonko Taylor's final words. I am ready to meet death. I have endeavoured faithfully discharge my duty. I'm sorry to leave my friends three days later. The Sun's reporting took on a conspiratorial tone. One dispatch read. There were other causes besides merely eating king and drinking that operated fatally upon his system. The Sun reported that on July third to southern L. trysts barge into Taylor's chambers and threatened him the insinuation relation with clear Taylor had been assassinated if not by Stevens entombs directly then by friends of the southern 'cause though most contemporaries rejected the notion. That Taylor Taylor had been assassinated. A cloud of suspicion hung over his death for well over a century in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. Taylor's body was zoomed and examined by the State of Kentucky. Medical Medical Examiner. Put the question to rest concluding it is my opinion that President Zachary Taylor was not poisoned. After Taylor's tragic death the Baltimore Sun wrote of his successor. Mr Fillmore brings to the chair of office. A wealth of experience judgment in consummate prudence Millard fillmore. The often mocked comptroller from New York would need every ounce of judgment and prudence he could muster to prevent the fracturing country from tearing itself apart during Phil More Time in the White House sectional tensions over the issue of slavery only interest fill more would try to forge consensus between the two warring factions but his attempts to bring the two sides together would only push the nation in closer to the brink of civil war next on wicked game the election of eighteen fifty to the compromise of eighteen fifty signed signed into law by President Millard. Fillmore further divides divided nation and leaves both parties searching for new leaders. Don't miss a single week of our march from seventeen eighty nine to twenty twenty hit the subscribe buttoning your podcast APP now. This show is supported by you. Our listeners please give us a rating leave. A review at the single legal best way to help this show grow is to tell others share with your friends and family and find us on social media and wicked game pot. And I'm at Lindsey Graham another way to support this show is to go to wicked game. PODCAST DOT COM members. There get early access to add free episodes as well as bonus content only available to subscribers find find out more at wicked game. PODCAST DOT COM Nevada reenactments in most cases. We can't know exactly what was said but everything in our show is heavily researched based on surviving surviving historical documents. We could game is an airship production created hosted and executive produced by meet. Lindsey Graham sound design by Derek Barons Co executive produced by by Stephen Walters in association with ritual productions written and researched by John. Paul Green and Stephen Walters fact checking Greg Jackson and Seattle Salazar from the podcast history. History that doesn't suck music by Lindsey Graham distributed by wondering..

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