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Although I think there's sort of still the open question of what it means for the attack. So I think I think we're gonna probably see a pretty a cakewalk season till the league title from, and I don't know. I, I. Messy still on the team to and is still amazing the based on captain. Now the captain. So I, I just think that Barsa. Is my favorite probably to win it all. And it's just kind of funny to think that like a stacked bar team isn't getting an insane amount of love. Just given the the opposite has happened for the past fifteen years. Basically, it's it's just Borsa fatigue. I think you're right that everyone everyone's gonna fall back in love with bars this year when Arturo Vidal you know, two foot someone deal. Yeah, yeah. He's going to win the league. They should've won their first game. I would have been willing to believe that after they scored four goals on eight shots against Rao Madrid and the SuperCup, but it's almost like the SuperCup doesn't really tell us anything anything at all. Useful related news. It was reported last week that Lolita is going to have a competitive match in where the United States. It's going to be the first European league to stage a regular season match in America. The game will most likely be played in Miami as possibly as soon as this winter. That means this season. The two teams have been announced yet, but they're teasing it as at least one of the major teams. So you have to imagine it'll be either Madrid, Real Madrid, or Barcelona and whomever, how do you guys feel about that? Basically, it's a deal between the league and relevant sports. Who's the company who puts on the I c, c, international Champions Cup every summer seems like it's been like a long time coming or maybe not a long time coming, but talked about know the Premier League's as talked about staging, the less match of the season in the states. I feel kind of lukewarm about it to be honest. But I mean, I also feel kind of lukewarm about it. I mean, is it it could very well be a situation that's like the same as the NFL. L. sending the the, the lions and the Jaguars to play in in, you know, at Wembley or whatever. It's it. I don't necessarily think that the first one is gonna be like the ill classic. Oh, no chance? Yeah, it's. But I mean, moving more towards actually having competitive competitive matches between like massive marketing teams as you know, like I, I, I'm all for that. I mean, international Champions Cup is great at all, but also the lion share of the best players aren't playing in those games. Yeah. I mean, it would be great if we lived in in a gal -tarian economy where every league had as much money as every other league, and you didn't have to sort of cater to to a global audience and you could just, you know, reward your local fans and still compete on it Kononov scale. That's just not what reality is and. Every other league is trying to catch the Premier League because the Premier League was the first league that was like, oh shit. People outside of our country are watching our league in. That's why they're so far ahead of everyone. So this is obviously a way for lowly go to bring more money into the league. And I think that you know what Mike said about the. Jaguars. You know, the joke is like that the Jaguars are like funded team, basically? Yeah. You see the benefit of a while league team becoming like America's team in a way a no pun intended relevant because it's relevant sports. It's relevant to us because we live in America, but how would you feel if it's like, you know, they have a game in America game in China, a game in Dubai. Where does it end? You know. It's a good question. I mean, I think you're going to see there's going to be. I mean, the news, the reports are that the Spanish player federation, all of the captains are going to get together and say that this fucking socks and we don't want to get it. So I think can eighteen hour flight or whatever. Yeah, so I think like the season I don't. I don't know if that's gonna stop this from happening, but I think that could the players are going to have some say in getting out of hand, I would..

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