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Friend of mine a mentor mind senior coach Steve Champa what's going on Jim yeah it's the weekend man good to, see you good a. c. j. here in studio lots to talk about markets moving a lot we just officially broke the record for the longest, bull market in history and the s&p five hundred nine years up We'll? Concern about that going? To talk a little? Bit about self directing and protected against downside loss capital preservation we'll talk about selling short making money on the downside today lost the cover good. Market environment right now to be a traitor invest if you understand how and the, key thing, is if you understand how exactly and don't forget to head over to Facebook like. Is that bulls and bears radio you can see a lot of the bloopers behind the scenes exactly what you, and I both looked like even Jay's what just happened exactly that just add. Just happen you know what you. Just said something that's key you know this, is. Nine years straight the market's been running up in this bull market a lot of people get complacent a lot. Of people. Would sit back and, relax I think times. Are good nothing bad can happen and you know what this reminds me a lot of two thousand seven, a lot, of, people, were, complacent then they took the crash in two thousand this is the time right now where people shouldn't be. Relaxing they should be, focusing on, actually, understanding how, can they. Do better how can? They, protect how can they. Focus how can they. Pay. Attention instead of just hoping that, this thing keeps going the way it's going. Well and here's the question for the listeners do you really expect the market's going to continue to go up for The rest of your life, and probably. Not so that means that at some point we're going to, have a correction and retracement a pullback if you will and we think. It'll be substantial when that happens if you're not, prepared for that you're going to turn a winner into a loser you. Have nine years about movement because most, of the four one k. accounts and the managed IRA's they tracked the s. and p. five hundred so when we say the market's? Up. For nine years most foreign. Keizer up now here's the real problem with the. Forward k., industry and the manage money. Industry is those fees that you pay churn up. So much of the profitability over. Time with that account about fifty percents is the. Actual number and so even. Though the markets up three hundred percent since? The collapse of two thousand eight most accounts are. Half of that or less and. So there's things that you can do we. Can learn the skills to self direct at account and make. Money regardless of direction and prepare for the correction other words when, the market starts to? Fall you don't have? To take the brunt of the loss you can eat a profit from the move down or you can, at least protect and preserve against capital. And that involves learning the skills of self directing and self directing means Managing your own money and the scary thing is you know Adam most people have their money under management they got it with. Some certified financial planner registered investment advisor and everything has to go up for them to prophet and we all, know that if they could spend a few hours. A week even a few hours, a month managing their own account that they could. Do much better we've seen it in practice and we've seen it with a lot of people that have no track record or knowledge of the. Markets they've just learned the skill of self directing so, it's becoming more prominent. And, people are looking it's amazing because I beat people all time they say I need to take control this money because I'm not sure I'm gonna have enough to make it before I die and that's a big concern. Of baby boomers and it started to be concerned the next generation generation x. all the generations, because your money is going to go away, if you don't know how to manage it. Handled properly and there's a problem and that's where self directed becomes so prevalent and so important for people while you. Know a, champ it's interesting that you talk, about self directing because you know what the average person. Doesn't like what you said the average person is, giving their money to somebody else they're hoping that the. Person in the 401K department at work is gonna look out for him Have them. In the best interests in, mind and, a, lotta times that's not the case you. Know people are account numbers people are just, another dollar amount, nobody's actually sitting down and focusing on your account you. Say this all the time nobody cares more about your money than you but, yet majority of the people had, their money to a stranger to manage it and people. At all levels I mean I had the opportunity that very unique opportunity to go to the hall of fame in canton Ohio the. Pro football hall of fame for John Maxwell. Event and I was able to meet some top. Level CEOs of different companies around the country. And I, met this guy runs a he's a sea of a multinational company and he's concerned about his 401K said I'm worried. He goes I I don't know what to. Tell my employees what to do with their money goes because I see a correction coming he goes we don't know what to do and this is some guys made probably millions. Of dollars in his life and he's sitting in the market at risk and so it's not just distinct to people that, have small accounts or people that are just day by day workers people that are trying to get by even. Wealthy people people that have tremendous success in corporate America. They don't understand and now they're starting to get concerned because the market's at a record high They remember the. Collapse of two thousand eight they realized that not grow to the sky that I have to prepare. Against loss, and more importantly how. Do I grow regardless of direction. And so they're starting to realize that if I. Don't take, control this bucket of, money this this nest egg if you will, I'm going to be at the whims of the market and people won't accept that and the reason is because. It's not, working the math doesn't work they don't have enough money to retire and they're worried about running, out, and the key thing is is that if you learn, the skills of self directing you can prevent that from happening it's a different alternative and. Is out there it's available you don't, have to be smart you don't have, to have some sort of background in, technology or some sort, of, analyst or charter mathematician you just gotta be willing to follow a system and we've seen people that really aren't that. Bright have, tremendous success in the markets and, nothing against them and it tell you that of themselves because they were able to learn a system and that process. Is built around self directing well you got to manage your own money nobody's going to care about it like you. Do and that's why people want to care about their. Money they want to sell direct chip a, lot of people. Don't know how to begin they don't know where to get started they think Just by putting up an account maybe at their local Bank that self directing and. It's it's a, step but it's not necessarily the right? Direction well if you think about it we're the wealthy you put their money they do, normally put it with, a hedge fund, I mean the show billions on TV and they talk about hedge fund managers and. The wealthy people that have two million or, more traditionally let somebody. Who manages their money be a hedge, fund manager which means they can. Make money regardless of direction up as good down as good and what it does, it allows them to get those. Annual returns and not have to worry about. Market conditions. Imagine if you and I could. Do that on our own level in other words what our own retirement account in an IRA as let's say and you can do the exact same thing, that hedge fund manager does but do it in, your spare time and six ten dollars a month that's, what we're talking about utilizing things like exchange traded funds and bond funds to produce interest rate returns at allow us to go, into, the market with virtually are capital not. At risk we could use the interest rate returns. Of bond fund get a leverage products to get a. Full position in the markets and. Have very little of our own capital at risk. And be able to take advantage of. Directional movement Up-or-down that's. Available and it doesn't take a high level of knowledge it's a skill set that's learned over time and, I believe that most the could learn. If, they spent the time and, energy to go. Through the process absolutely. And that's why Online Trading Academy the sponsor bulls. And bears have a class specifically on self directing a lot of people don't know where to begin a lot of people have four one ks IRA's they're not actively managing, it they want to manage, themselves they don't know how to get started they don't know how to control that money and Online Trading. Academy has a class specifically on self directing your own portfolio regardless of accounts is you. Can manage your own money there's a five hundred dollar values taught. Right at the, campus Online Trading Academy with a few seats to.

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