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You still gotta tell you? I don't know. And alerted students Wednesday but also clarified to see I thought only people that did something like said something benign but would be interpreted as being horrible. Like maybe they tell some joke about Japanese acrobatic team or something like Dad and human resources got wind of it. It's a you've got to go to our mandatory training next Saturday, and you're going to be there all day and you've got to do If you don't do it, you're losing your job. That kind of thing. But I guess now students are doing it up there doing proactively. Ah, and a letter to students on Wednesday that also clarified updated co vered 19 procedures. Somebody named uh, what's her name and cut Jagga? She's the Provo said the course. Which will be free of charge and count for one academic carded. There's a lure right there. Is part of the eye to take bowling once because it was one credit class three years one critical, I would do it so I could be a dis checking public radio stations. I took bowling three times. I got in and at the first time, no way And I said What I got you I got a hit first time. I the second time I told the Can you call a bowling teacher? A professor? I don't know. Ah, I told the professor that I won't be coming here. I'm only taking two classes that can work the radio station in the day when he had to be a student to do that. And then I said, I better go back and get this expunged from my record, which I guess you could go back and take the course again. They go with the They go with the best grade. I went back in to get a third time, Toby, Dammit! Ah! And there was a kid in that class wasn't even kid. It was a full grown man that that had Ah unique name Munich way of throwing a bowling ball. Where he would put the ball in his hand. He brought his own bowling ball that we knew this guy was good, and it was very tricked out ball any and he with all kinds of pattern in it, and he was holding his hand like your hold on top. Your head, John Group type of any great ball like that. And he would push the ball his didn't bring him back and swinging under. He'd have a poison. You walked on and push it and looks like pushing as hard as you can. But everything seemed to fit together with this. And the instructor. I knew this guy was so good because he was reckoning strikes almost every time he bold On picking up splits like nobody's like there's no tomorrow and anyway Ah The professor said. You're obviously here just for the credit, you dear on things. The rest of you here. You're gonna learn house for the right way him quite like that. But the thing was.

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