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Incident. Tony Orlando for everything. You do for our veterans with us With this is Jeff Cathy. Who is the head of Military Veterans Affairs at Bank of America? Whose spots of this hour. How are you jeff? John How are you all? I am good. I am Greg and we got ten Fisher the Fisher Brothers who does Dover House ten years on Memorial Day Dake and Ken. Are you there John? Well only Tony Ken. And and Jeff you you guys worked so hard for veterans Townie. You you started off helping With Bob Hope you grace hundreds of millions of dollars with Bob. Hope is that right up. I have been honored John to be able to take my career because of that. Little Song that you played was written by Irwin Levine. And Larry Brown made never thought nor did I on a rainy afternoon in New York that that's become a tool to raise money on behalf of veterans. I've been able to go to the rack and work for our troops in Iraq and I've been able to work for twenty four years free shows and Branson Missouri. I just want you to know that. The President Missouri's become a real spotlight for veterans in Nineteen ninety-three. We started a free show at the two thousand seat theater. I owned at that time. And for twenty four years we did a free show started out with two thousand veterans coming in for free ended up being five thousand people every single year on a waiting list to get on to see that show where we would tribute and Bob came Bob. Hope came in nineteen ninety-three to launch for me. He's been he was great as you know spearhead to raise money for veterans with his heart for this country and in my own little way. I have been honored to carry that condition that Bob hope gave me. I've been able to raise hundreds of million dollars more importantly creating awareness in this country and around the world to give respect to those people who go on and put their name on that bottom line and say. I'm ready to die from Erica. And on this Memorial Day. We honor those who did without them. We wouldn't have the freedoms that we have today and to those people who are against on this show. I'm honored to be with you Mr Fisher. I'm honored to be on you back at America's always always always been there for veterans and again here they are again and you John. We've been friends a long time. I WANNA share one thing about you with your audience. We did a fundraiser. And a show while you were running for mayor and I came out saying yellow ribbon and you actually send the course with money. And you're one heck of a singer Buddy Tony. I must say we always had a lot of fun together and hopefully win the ended. His virus comes. We will continue to have fun together. I WanNa Thank Jeff Kathy and Bankamerica Jeff. You are the head of the Military Veterans Affairs for Bankamerica at your sponsor. And as I said to you me your chairman. Brian hand both on the board of the Medal of Honor Foundation. Jeff tell us all the stuff that Beck. America does with veterans. Well of so much John and thanks for the opportunity. I I grew up with Tony. Sing Anti Yellow Ribbon. And I saw Bob. Hope on the USS Cole. Right around Thanksgiving and Christmas time Over by Lebanon and bring back great memories and and You know people outside of the military are very much supportive of of the jobs that That are done inside and as well as line morning. Hand and the leader of our company and he does so much as well as the management team and other senior leaders and Insofar as making public commitments to hire ten thousand bedrooms which we did in two thousand fourteen five year plan to bring some coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and other places around the globe to get them Integrated and properly brought into the civilian workplace and joining the communities and contribute like they did in the army the Navy the Marine Corps Air Force also big contributions on property donations. And I remember seeing Mr Fisher up in But that's a Maryland And and Building New Fisher. Houses are watching them expand from twenty five to twice that number and we were early on in two thousand seven out there through the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and built that Or supported and funded some of that and the private way with the Center for the intrepid out there in San Antonio Texas. I've gone out I've seen it burn units The Surf Wars and the people lose Amputated parts of the body. That really gets a core back in together Fisher family the leadership inside of our company and support not only these veterans and retain them and give them good career pass but military spouses in out of the two hundred thousand or so veterans who raise their hand leave the services every year and and and the spouses about ten percent of them want to start their own business right so they take an order for many years and now they want to give orders and really really lead the own trajectory and so were there for them in that respect we've got employee networks Military one inside inside the company. Forty one chapters now. Eleven thousand members to really help the young Army and Navy and Air Force Members. Come in and figure out what corporate America's like and help them with the business active man and some exposure other lines of business. We work with a lot of nonprofits in the Post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Space that I know Mr Fisher and all of you are interested in so those nonprofits and the Bush institute really help us Generate larger outcomes for For Bank of America. So it's just a great pleasure to be lucky enough to be in this role with just a great leadership in the company. That is wonderful. A Bank America. Ten thousand veterans being hired debt is so wonderful And I work also very close. The Dixon woman who was a marine Vice Chairman of back America and he does some wonderful work Work the BURRIS. And I think we did eleven neck boy last year and I think we met there and it was so wonderful and Ken Fisher. Tell us all the wonderful things that that the Fisher family does. We started with the intrepid and and moved onto additional text house. Ken Yeah John. Thanks for having me in jeopardy was good to hear from you again We've so appreciated your involvement down at the center of the intrepid. Course Tony Orlando and all you do. it's started With my Uncle Zach Fisher that you knew when he brought the intrepid to York City and converted into the air and Space Museum. Where we have the Memorial Day ceremonies today The ship has been closed. Obviously for the last couple of months. But we're hoping to get it open soon. Out of the intrepid came a number of initiatives one of which was Fisher House which Which I am also chairman of and Fisher House is basically. We Build Comfort. Homes for families the veterans and active servicemen and women To stay in for no charged while loved one is hospitalized whether it be for morons whether it be from sickness or illness we have eighty seven fisher houses around the world including one in Great Britain and over the thirty years of the program. We've helped four hundred thousand families have to this point and saved them almost half a billion dollars in travel and lodging one of the houses that we still stands out particularly this weekend and that was the Fisher House we built his Dover. Which is we know is where where those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and come home and the families who were able to get to Dover would to to do. The unthinkable would come in at three four in the morning and witnessed the repatriation of their loved. One and then they'd have to get the car and drive to a cheap motel which we didn't think was Wasn't thicket of sacrifices that this family made we also found out that there wasn't a place for them to pray. So what we did was we we mobilized I I actually got a call from the surgeon general in the army who made me aware of the situation we broke ground in. May Two thousand ten and we finished the House November tenth. Two thousand ten. It was the quickest house we ever built but the need was obviously so compelling that we had to move and everybody around us involved with over you know was equally Dedicated to the project. So we were able to do it in record time but Thirty seven hundred families have used that house in the ten years..

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