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On a cooler note, we'll have the details in your complete AccuWeather 5 day forecast coming up in about ten minutes at ten 15. Our top local story on news radio wbm a man is dead two teens injured after a grenade explosion in northwest Indiana last night. Nancy hardy reports. A family had been sorting through their grandfathers belongings at a home in lakes of the four seasons when the Lake county Indiana sheriff's office says they found a hand grenade. Someone pulled the pin and it exploded, sheriff Oscar Martinez junior says when officers responded at around 6 30 p.m., they found an unresponsive man who was later declared dead. His 14 year old son and 18 year old daughter were taken to the hospital with wounds from shrapnel, the Porter county bomb squad was called in to search for other explosives, the case is under investigation. Nancy hardy news radio one O 5 9 WB. A woman is in custody this morning after a man was shot on a CTA red line train last night. It happened at the Roosevelt station just after 8 o'clock, Chicago police say the 37 year old woman argued with a man when she allegedly pulled out a gun and shot him several times. The man was taken to a nearby hospital where he's in good condition, the woman ran from the platform but was arrested just about a block away. This is the second time a person has been shot at the Roosevelt CTA station this month. Lawmakers in Indiana have halted tax dollars once directed to the Kinsey institute. The unfounded claims about Indiana University sex research institute having to do with its founder and child sex abuse have been pervasive enough over the years that when the legislature prohibited the institute from using state dollars one lawmaker called the move, long overdue, the decision does not stop the Kinsey institute's work, researchers say Republican dominated legislatures February decision is based on a misunderstanding of their work, a false narrative that they can't seem to shake. The Kinsey institute is named for Alfred Kinsey a former professor who established the institute in 1947. Judd's a Richard's news radio one O 5 9 WBBL. Funerals for three of the four buffalo grove high school students killed in a car crash last week have been set for early this week. 17 year old Ricky bursitis will be remembered during a funeral mass tomorrow morning at the shrine of our lady of Guadalupe and displays, a funeral for 18 year old Richard D Ida will be at the same Catholic Church on Tuesday. In 17 year old Kevin Hernandez toron will be remembered during a funeral mass at saint Joseph the worker Catholic Church on Monday. No word yet on services for Jesus Rodriguez, the fourth team killed in Tuesday night's crash in wheeling. It's ten O 8 time for traffic and weather together on Yates. Here's Mike Allison. Well, it's starting to get busy out there. We'll start where you're clear though, which is on the edens just 15 between Lake cook and the junction. On the Kennedy inbound starting to get real busy now you're tight from foster all the way to the Ohio street feeder. It'll be 37 minutes to make it in from O'Hare 26 to make it in from the junction, the express lanes will save you about 7 minutes if you can take them. On the outbound side, starting to pick up as well, you're slow from the Jane burn interchange out to around north avenue. It'll be 20 minutes to get to the airport. And I would 90 eastbound and westbound both look great. The Eisenhower inbound is slow from mannheim over to first avenue. It'll be 36 minutes in from I 90, 18 to make your way in for mannheim on the up on side, no delays at the moment, just 31 minutes to make it to the Jane Adams. On the Stevenson inbound just a little bit tight as you're approaching the Dan Ryan, it'll be 27 from three 55 to do so the lakeshore drive on the up on side, it's an easy 25 back to three 55. I 55 is cleared up in both directions on the Dan Ryan, you're good to go either way as well, just 12 minutes between the merge and the interchange. On I 57, you're clear. The bishop Ford just 13 minutes in and 13 to get back out as well. Docile drive northbound, the exit to Randolph remains closed for another couple hours for the half marathon marathon going on on the southbound side, a little bit tight from 57 to Hayes with some long-term road work. On the tollways, they are all looking great, I 80 is doing okay, and we have no delays in northwest Indiana. Your next sharp report is going to be at ten 18 on news radio one O 5 9 the Q weather forecast for the rest of this Sunday afternoon.

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