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Exuberance twelve forty seven on KNX. The government wants to use the latest technology to keep trespassers from getting onto airport. Runways it's being tested right now and looking valley, the TSA has selected Mineta San Jose international. As one of two airports to test out the latest in perimeter detection technology, everything from video cameras to grow. Ground sensors to better fencing airport spokesperson, Rosemary, Barnes, we're pleased. When federal money is invested in airports. What that does is really just enhance the security and the safety air travelers. We've talked to say better security makes them feel safer any safety. That makes traveling little easier the other airport that is part of this testing is Miami International Matt Bigler for CBS news, San Jose, twelve forty eight on k next Monsanto. He's asking us San Francisco judge to throw out a two hundred eighty nine million dollar reward to a former school groundskeeper who said the company's roundup weed killer left him dying of cancer. The company says is failed to prove that roundup or similar herbicides 'cause his caused his non-hodgkin's lymphoma. Hundreds of lawsuits are in the works, alleging the roundup caused cancer. But this is the first one to go to trial officials say the suspect that Wisconsin workplace shooting this morning that injured four people died after being shot by police Middleton police chief says that there are no other suspects in the attack a witness says she saw woman was blood on her. But she was not wounded by gunfire. I went over to McDonald's. And there was a lady in there and she had blood on her knee. She said I asked her if she got shot and she said. No it was from the glass for victims have been hospitalized two listed in serious condition. One is critical. The condition of the fourth patient has not been released. No word yet on a possible motive in this case, it's twelve forty nine now on KNX the woman who helped kidnap Elizabeth smart from her Salt Lake City home back in two thousand two is out of jail. CBS news correspondent John back. Blackstone says Wanda Barzi was released this morning where she goes, according to one of her relatives who said, you know, she has no place to live, but she is now under the supervision of federal probation authorities. She's serving she has five years under federal supervision and as a condition of her release. He was placed on the Utah sex offender registry. Smart is expressed disappointment in the release and says she believes Barzi is still dangerous Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater has our football insiders report. That's just ninety seconds away. It's twelve fifty. When you need.

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