Facebook, Viral Meningitis, DOW discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast - Bonus SOW - AJ STYLES & KURT ANGLE REPLACE ROMAN & BRAY AT TLC


I'm kicking myself for the fact that i'm not on the bridge show this time i'll be i mean it'll be fun to watch it home but there's a lot to talk about what this paper you that's why you're you're getting my take that i would be giving on the pre show here so you're there it it you're welcome good for you you get it on friday instead of sunday and you get just me no panel said ugandans they're on facebook live with me so of course the question on people's minds is what is this this medical issue that have kept a roman reigns and bray wyatt off the paper view and i guess you know people were talking about a viral meningitis being around and i looked up a little bit about viral meningitis i don't know how long it lasts 'cause literally edge checked where he pedia as i was setting myself up to go live and then i was like art will let you go live let's figure it out later you know what why do the research when you can just talk about it now viral meningitis is like a a pretty serious thing it sounds i gives you like a neck problems and back problems and it's really it sounds really bad on army i it's got to be treatable i don't think it's a permanent thing but they said or the internet said that the reason bray why it wasn't on raw was the same reason bowed dow's wasn't on raw and i guess joe joe wasn't there either because viral meningitis there there is a viral meningitis outbreak in those people all a associated with each other.

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