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How you doing morning show morning I have a an area of the lawn that I've heard you mentioned before that there's some sort of a top ranking you can put on it to trying level it out well I wouldn't use top dressing for leveling I use top dressing for after you aerate it or if you just need a little bump in the you know it's composting mineral sands mixed together so if you've got a you have a a low spotter words will be dealing with and I doubt now that he ran around a lot and made it will get a family plan I would try to do that with a good garden soil because yeah because the problem is with just using compost and mineral sand doesn't give you enough volume if you get my drift in getting some this got real soil in it but you know want to just use of cheap like that red deaths in the long I would you can buy bags of good garden soil like at Barton springs nursery and places like that hands on how much you have to do you know if you've got a we got a big big area you might need you know truck delivered that I wouldn't guess that small area and then I heard you mention in an octane compost full and that that can adequately well I just don't think it's good I don't know how deep these holes are not real hold this kind of bounty yeah it's a little bumpy bumpy yeah yeah well I just feel like if you get a bag of garden soil you know I that's what I would do all right all righty all right well thank you bye bye okay five one two eight three six zero five ninety our war of course one of the toll free line eight seven seven five ninety fifty five twenty five so we've been talking about fall stuff what's blooming right now and you know of course this is when you got a pretty wild flower seeds out this is perfect timing for wild flower seeds and if you go to the while flowers dot org which is the lady bird Johnson wildflower research center's website which is fabulous by the way you can get a whole you know how to do it planting guys like they have a whole article on just kind of plant blue bonnets but today is the foreman tonight's gonna be a foreman October the thirteenth and it's interesting I was reading my organic gardening birth by Howard Garrett Malcolm back with you know which is Texas organic vegetable gardening and they have this little section on planning by the moon which you know who knows but he says of full moon to last quarter plant bulbs and root crops along with biennials and perennials that needs strong roots of plants in this category would include beets carrots turnips garlic onions radishes but I was also thinking that we gotta get our flowering bulbs in and I used to tell people don't plan on until after thanksgiving and then won the most knowledgeable women and gardening in Austin ginger see way too she I mean she should definitely the ballpoint engine to the point of a lot of other things to her gardens are always spectacular anyway she called me one day and said you know that's too late we plan are bold earlier of that might have been conventional thinking in the past but she says get a man so I think in and bought folds are so much fun and so easy to do you just got to be careful that you don't plan to do deep but if you want to put in some iris folds if you wanna put in some you know some of the spring blooming bulbs things at Grove and bloom early that are pretty balls get him now go out get him from your your nurseries and get him on the ground because that's one of the easiest things you can plant and this one most enjoyable things there is I know my grandmother always had bullshit one one gram there the one actually that did the organic gardening memo Bernstein she had a thing for amaryllis you know in addition to our wonderful vegetable garden she loved amaryllis and she had a whole bunch of beautiful amaryllis planted around the country in the backyard of my other grandmother McLaughlin she wasn't iris lover and among all other plans she loved every kind of plant that was in the world but my first garden at her house was an iris bed and I got to play with that plan iris bold from launching balloons in man was that fund that was so exciting so I've I've got my well my daughter got real interested in it she didn't have a choice since I was had a plant nursery when she was growing up so she got to see all kinds of things planted but what's awesome is that her children now will normal twin grandsons they are fascinated by planting and they want to help mom a plant and they want to help the water and they want to miss the fern and they're just really into it so hi is this this bold plan got me off on this tangent but gifts get you some balls if you're a novice Gardner you have a new house you got a big area summer better for sun summer better for shade you will have so much fun with these bolts and they're just so easy so okay five one two eight three six zero five ninety or toll free eight seven seven five ninety fifty five twenty five let's talk about what is blooming right now or wait you can you know call being in season you should all be seeing your Maximilien sunflowers start blooming Turks Capper still blooming just beautifully I was doing a consultation at a house yesterday and she had Turks caps that were I swear he ten feet tall and I think that's that other kind of Turks cat because I'm nursing mind get that big of but our typical Turks cat gets about I don't know three or four feet tall Max these were trying to warm us but they were beautiful man the humming birds are just going crazy of golden rod is gonna start blaming mine hadn't quite started yet but as women at the wildflower center no golden rod comes sh so pretty and there's several different species native to Texas central Texas and they do not because they favor so that was interesting that was an old man if they don't have when borne pollen so they can't again I mention fall Astor we have native asters we have master for party but to be honest with you I prefer the little the little shorter Astor that likes to grow and low masses and then they are just however with purple flowers this coming year I mentioned the bone set which is and I called the the whiteness flower it is a slightly fragrant beautiful blooming plant all the native plant never opened at local nurseries I should say we'll have these right now the Gregson is flour is still going strong I was at a family members house the other night that has a beautiful butterfly garden inch her milk weeds war chest in full bloom this is what we need for the monarch so you gotta have milkweed if you can get that plumbing right now in the nursery stick some in your yard gave feathers of those are beautiful now that's a corn kinda like a bald which you can buy and I would get those by the way plant you're gay feather from the form or by a plant that's already up because from seed to bloom on a gay feather is probably seven years or something so you want to go ahead and get those in the ball before the plateau goldeneye is blooming and I think soon the frost we'd will start blaming if it isn't already but as far as the wildfire planning because this isn't the time this is when you need to get him in the ground you have from you know now till thanksgiving really but I would advocate for getting him in sooner than later special your blue bonnets and there's a right way and a wrong way to plant them so you have questions about that we can talk about it or what kind of good trees to plant because that's always a favorite subject of mine this time of year I mentioned the borough because a large skill tree but we can talk about other trees for your yard like if you want fall color what works well and and I'm a big advocate of that because I got a couple of red oaks and only gosh I just long for the day they start turning color of self it's very gratifying the squirrels are getting all the acorns already of the red oak tree they are really working hard at this time of year okay five one two eight three six zero five ninety you'll be first in line but it's time for the news.

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