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In college football on the big upset US Oregon, beating third ranked Ohio State 35 28 in Columbus. The Buckeyes favored by 14.5 points, never lead despite 484 passing yards and three touchdowns by freshman quarterback CJ Stroud to begin the game. I feel like we came out strong, got the ball moving, and it kind of the whole first half Every time I got the ball past the 50 yard line and split the field. We just weren't getting the end zones starts running back C. J. Burnell, Russia's for 161 yards and three touchdowns at South Bend, Notre Dame ekes out a three point win over Toledo s quarterback Jake Owen. Playing with a dislocated finger. It's Michael Mayer, with the game winning touchdown pass with 109 left another no hitter in major league baseball. Milwaukee's Corbyn Burns and Josh Hader combined to throw the ninth one this season as the Brewers at the Indians three Nothing burns strikes out. 14 hater closes it out in my life. The Giants Saunders, Red Sox and Yankees also win that sports Joel Strewn, NBC NEWS radio. I can't tell you. How many How many conservatives I know that are growing in Maine and hopes. Uh, yes, because of I would have I met him a lot of worms..

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