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You know if I say yet, you major picture, bigfoot or skunk ape. Whatever the regional variation of this creature is and I do think that is important is. To think about the fact that there are variations of the wild man. Being in various cultures, basically like a bipedal creature, covered in hair that is seen all around the world, but has distinct origins in each case right yes. But It was looking at I wanted to get a like a better snapshot of the this ape like beast. as far as like Himalayan traditions go, so I ran across a very very insightful. A piece titled Boonies Tales of the Yeti by Kuehne Zane Coton Tales of the creature exists through the Himalayan region. and. The author points to the different names that are given to this entity so into bip Tabet. There's gangs me or glacier man. There's me Sean Poe or strongman, and each in Poe or great man The SHERPAS College Yeti the lectures. Call it Chew Moon or Snow Goblin I like that one or low moon or Mountain Goblin in Paul. There's Nihil new or Ban Monchy. He didn't provide a track translation translation for those, but I'm assuming some treatment on these various ideas you know and then the Bhutanese say migo or strong man also Greg Poe so we get this idea of like figure of of savage cold strength with possible. You. Know Ga Goblin a qualities as well. So showed rights that the the Migo I idea here dates back to the pre Buddhist bond writings, the the pre Buddhist, animist religion. We mentioned this briefly in the last episode, the indigenous religion of Tibet it came up because Mount Kailash. Amount, Kyle, Lhasa in in the Himalayas is a peak that is holy, not just to Hindus who believe some of whom believed that Lord Shiva and Parvathi dwell on top of Mount Kailash, but it's also holy to some Buddhists, Jane's and members of the bond religion that the Tibetan indigenous religion. Religion and apparently some bon rituals call for the blood of Migo, a slain with a sharp weapon. WHOA, yeah, so yeah, so this was a pre existing idea, but then you get some Westerners involved writing, and then you get this idea exported, and and and reignited in the Western mind so British Traveller William Hugh night of the royals the royal..

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