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Podcast is a more complete look at the news stories impacting our region From January's I 95 traffic crisis it's not like you could just walk off the roadway can't just snap your fingers and close I 95 to D.C. water security D.C. has about 24 to 36 hours of drinking water in reserve That's it There was no backup water supply Meghan cloherty and Luke Garrett dig deeper every weekday Listen wherever you get your podcasts presented by steam fitters local 6 O two 1228 Here's Rita Kessler in the WTF traffic center But let's start out in the district we're seeing the delays on D.C. two 95 actually come off of coming off of the east bound freeway after south capital street trying to make your way across the outbound 11th street bridge You're either getting on to southbound I two 95 in a delay toward the suitland Parkway with the paving work or you're getting on to northbound D.C. two 95 with the slowdown passing Pennsylvania avenue southbound slows from burrows past these capital street and the westbound freeway delays are from south capitol street headed across the case bridge with nothing reported in the roadway the trip to the bay bridge east bound 50s heavy crossing the southern river bridge passing four 50 and route two then you're going to hit the brakes near Whitehall road trying to get on to the eastbound span of the bridge the westbound span is running two way traffic but because of an earlier wreck we do have a delay sticking around on westbound 50 out of stevensville trying to head across the bridge on I 97 southbound delays before three and 32 headed all the way into crownsville that may just be a volume delay Southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway heavy from NASA Goddard headed inside the beltway toward four ten the work in the right lane This has caused the backup on the interloop from route one in college park in that direction Outer loop top side slows from 29 coalsville road around past Georgia avenue toward Connecticut avenue This is the mobile work crew along the right side then a delay near the big curve headed past river road and across the American legion bridge Then again a delay coming from Georgetown pike all the way into Tyson's Now I'm not sure if this is the mobile crew that was moving along the right side or the stationary crew that is normally before 66 on the right side 95 in Virginia southbound delays crossing the aka Kwan Then you're going to find the volume from Quantico off and on making your way to the centerport Parkway Northbound 95 heavy out of Pennsylvania headed into Fredericksburg toward the rappahannock river bridge Volume getting into triangle from Dale City into woodbridge and from lorton into newington with the lanes open northbound route one is very slow trying to make your way toward fort hut road This is a work so with a single lane getting you by and on fort hunt in the area of route one near belhaven traffic alternates for the work I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Not a storm team four meteorologist chuck bell Dry weather will continue for the remainder of our Friday and enough sunshine to get temperatures into the.

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