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Feast, because she says she was on. Orange is the new black? Yes, him like modeling before it seems like she's someone who walks into fame and. His incredible work ethic, but yeah so I guess the yeah. A Ruby rose and she was great in the role. I really liked her. She she had a lot of humor. In at first, they just said it's a mutual decision nothing and then a week later. They talked about well in Kinda word leaked that. She had gotten hurt during filming. She was very very. like dangerously hurt and also long hours a lot. You know in its. Every TV show is long right in, but I think the maybe with the special effects in the very physical role. You're you know you're fighting Batman? You know you're fighting. Criminals and stuff so and hope that they're doing it responsibly in doing the sense responsibly, but they certainly May. Be So you know. Maybe she is a very hard worker and I'm being beeped, though no no and I'm going to pull this out all. Huge. Rubio says. Yes, all right, so Bella thank you. This was great You've given me I'm GONNA, go check back. I'm going to re watch Cinderella and hairspray for sure just because I I think I need to be in tain in my spirit line lifted, so thank you for that. Thank you. To Watch. Oh, CRAP! Dream of heart goes to the heart brace of the grades, the heart get grace of my heart gray iheart. Love and mercy, and then all that. Jess okay adding them all from the list. Good If someone wants to reach, you can. You can find me on twitter.

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