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Crap. You watched both. Right. And which one did you say I should start with Hulu starving you and then go net flex the net. Flicks. One's a little more dynamic and dramatic. But it's because the people who did it like when they were also in trouble, and they kept themselves out of the trouble story, and Netflix, but it's better. So watching both it doesn't matter. It's crazy. Want to throw me a festival now? I saw let's see I did not see bohemian rhapsody. The reviews were terrible the river terrible bohemian rhapsody, and that's being nominated for everything. But I'm excited because I love Queen. I think there are probably two or three artists in our lives in our history that would still be relevant today if they came out, and we're a new band. I think notorious Biaggi would be one because. Yeah. I think his style was so different that you put it on. Now. People say, oh, that's fresh same thing with Queen sound was so different. You put it on radio and everybody like, oh, look at his new band. That'd be said reviews. Weren't good mighty saw that. Yeah. I mean, I liked it. Because it made me go back listen to their music. Yeah. Love it again. But it just wasn't great. You think great either numb? Black Panther thought. It was really free. Yeah. I did think I love superheroes though. I thought it was good. I thought it was almost great. None of these movies that I've seen in along away though. But I didn't think it was really good. Everybody else in the other ones. Now, I'm seeing a single one me neither. Any of the other ones? That's all Roma is on Netflix. And Netflix movies, nominates a Netflix movie. Well, that's cool. Yep. Check it out. It's about fire fest. Fire with a why? The favorite though, is supposed to be really really good advice wasn't getting good reviews. John. Gained weight and actor in a leading role Christian bale and vice Bradley Cooper and a star is born. I can see Bradley Cooper. He was so good as movie like I'm into know movies mid-may four times as ours. Born really through different generations. Oh, wow. I've seen the one with Kris Kristofferson that was why didn't know that William Remmy Malik is in bohemian rhapsody plays. Right. But he is I. Mister mister robot?.

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