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What did I just hear you saying about CPR CRP? What was it? What was that acronym? That that hideous thing that I don't want anywhere near the show CSR. What is that corporate social responsibility? Oh ball still gods? What is that a watch? You hire me these live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. Tweeter writes in did, Dan. Just use the word pronunciation while mocking Stu gods about his pronunciation, what's the fine for that. You'll get the show. So Johnny is in with us. Always happy to have him around. You just mentioned Russell Westbrook. We will get to the conclusion of stump them each in a second. But Russell Westbrook and his sixteen. Technical foul seems to tickle Johnny g every time he hears it, Rasheed. Wallace in your day. Was the guy was getting all those technical fouls in terms of crazy people you played against Rasheed Wallace. Kevin garnett. Who's a guy where you're playing against him? And he's talking to himself any he sounds he's he's nonsensical Rasheed Wallace. And Kevin Garnett would be the top of that list while playing bars Wallace was high. I think he Mason, but his stoicism, I it wasn't constant Chateau. It was just very purposeful contact in a way that was so. On the one hand banal on the other hand. So deeply disturbing just stare at. You buy me trash talk be the be a play. And he just look at you. And it'd be like, yeah, I'm going to kill you. Now. Nothing else. Oh, I know you're going to kill me. Maze. Let's go to happen. All right. So let's get to the conclusion of this here. It's very dramatic. It is to right now to win stump them each which I don't think he's ever done. Right. You've never you are I maintained that I've won at once. You you maintain the none of us. Remember it on the poll Guillermo has ever won stump them each for longtime listeners 'cause I don't remember him ever winning. So he's right now, he's two and two. So this is the deciding one this is the citing game five here. What Johnny is Stu got saying. Here are tohis. Oh. There are no woods. I can say right now on. This is a fix Harto is. I. The best chance you've ever had because we single time every single time as been consensus that this is the best chance I had gone down in flames. I think you're going. I think you're going to be really mad if you don't get this. Once it's explained, I'm not sure. Par tohis. Mike mad at me for already having given you too many hence already. Yeah. This is a personal thing between me and meet really. That's why. Anthony, Mason, your steering or tohis. The stubbing or tohis. Tohis? I mean are tohis or tohis are. Oh, no. It's hard as oh. No ono. Did you see? Swagger. Feeling pretty good old every bloody Disney. Visit villain ever concocted. All in one. Right. That's here in a sentence. Stella are tohis..

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