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So go to green chef that US slash pickle ball for fifty dollars off. Yeah. I think comedy war was actually eating style. It would probably have to be someone who only eats. Well, laughing sounds like a choking hazard. But also a lot of laughter's that's mentally healthy way to live green. Chef you on this do funny ingredients three idea. Hey. All right. So mom for this question. I think it's really important to get another professional because this is like a immedi mental health question. I would say that's wonderful. I thought why don't we get someone who specializes in social anxiety someone who's really good at explaining complex mental health situations and someone who you can't stop referencing on my goodness. Come on. Yeah. Rebekka mom, it's been so hard to keep the secret from you. But I bet I tell you on the microphone that yesterday. I got to talk to the amazing, Dr Ellen Hendrickson of the savvy psychologist have you? I basically do it for this moment right here where you get so excited about it. And also for our listeners to get them. Good advice. That's also what we're all about. Yeah. I even got to tell her how you like to sneak in references to our podcast. Did that help winner over? Or was it where you wanna hear? You wanna hear wonder over? Yes. I do..

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