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By the way, I bring you this nugget. Sean. This is from San Francisco. The San Francisco school board. You know, they're the folks who decided to rename 44 schools because they're named with After people with ties to racism or slavery. The arts department. There is not taking the bold move. They've changed. Her name Vap of the EPA on with Akron stands for Because they say, quote acronyms are a symbol of white supremacy culture, you know, like n double A C P S P l c A C l U core BLM, you know symptoms of a white supremacy culture that's almost as rich as that. You know what we saw in the San Francisco Chronicle. There was an op ed on the Bernie Mittens. And the writer of a woman is claiming that this is a sign of white privilege. That you you had burning Bernie on installation day wearing his his mittens and his his over coach to stay warm in a on a cold January. It's a sign of white privilege only. Only white people get to wear mittens like that. And it means all sorts of wonderful names done in there under lots of views. I think I think we posted on our showbiz after white privileges would mean Is that a white privilege thing? I'm not sure. Probably as an acronym. No, I think we do have the founder of founding Father of white privilege here coming up right now? Yes, right. 53 traffic and weather on the threes. Okay, Here's a man because where I was special, and he went to the first day of the NFL experience, Chuck Whitaker. Good morning. Listen, we were so poor the trash man used to leave three cans. Rodney Dangerfield 1 28 they listen, Fred, The roast beef is here all week. Don't you all go toe my new website. It's not by visit me sometime after nine o'clock way will Thank you. It's very pretty. With the snow on the grounds. Very lovely. I look out here different ballgame. Very nice. But 6 95 is clear. Went back to the key bridge.

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