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Arrival in japan mr trump shielded himself from a steady rain as he stepped off air force one in osaka he set to hold meetings with the leaders of nine countries from stalwart american allies to modern adversaries like flat amir putin of russia and chinese president xi jinping he had dinner thursday with austrailia is prime minister we work with our allies we take care of our allies before he left washington wednesday mr trump was asked about the chances he'll strike a deal with china to end the escalating trade war visit possibility i'm meeting with russia meeting with china i'm meeting with many countries steven portnoy c._b._s. news asaka a twenty one year old southern california woman was attacked and killed by three sharks all snorkeling with their family in the bahamas police say jordan lindsey of torrance was attacked near rose island or family saw the sharks coming toward her and tried to warn her but she didn't hear them lindsay died at the hospital experts say unprovoked shark attacks like this are extremely rare testimony continues today in the trial of edward gallagher he's the navy seal accused of fatally stabbing a teenage isis prisoner news h chris grows is at naval base san diego with where the court heard testimony from an iraqi general today day today gallagher's defense team continues its case this time calling up iraqi major general abbass algebra in part of a videotaped previously videotaped deposition that's been being played in the courtroom courtroom and so forth in pre k. moments that abbass testified about he says that he was with a navy seal chief.

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